Link building is one of the most efficient methods in search engine optimization. It is executed by gaining white hat SEO backlinks from other authoritative sites to your website. These backlinks are vital factors for website ranking in the google search engine. You should get only high-quality backlinks from relevant sites of your niche in your website. Through backlinks, high link juice passes from other sites to your own. 

Google takes these backlinks as a vote to decide the credibility and relevance of your website. So, they help you to gain the trust of google and increase your site’s relevance in your niche. Consequently, the rank of your website will get higher on the google search page among the competitors. Thus by effective link building, you can achieve more organic traffic to your website.

In this article, let us discuss the successful link building strategies in 2023 to boost your website.

Best Strategies For Effective Link Building

You need high-quality backlinks on your site to get the best results in SEO. For enhancing your  SERP rank, you should follow best link building strategies to obtain good backlinks in your website. Some of the most popular methods to build links are: 

  • Guest blogging
  • Create link-worthy content
  • Email outreach for link building
  • Submissions on directories
  • Claim backlinks using reverse image search
  • Commenting on blog posts
  • Reclaim broken and lost links
  • Add links in resource pages
  • Be active on social media

1. Guest Blogging

One of the well-known tactics for link building is guest blogging. You need the best and most reliable approach to get good results from guest posting. To obtain a backlink for improving your search engine rankings, you should write relevant content for your website. 

Keep the following points in mind while guest blogging to get higher google rankings and increased referral and organic traffic.

  • For guest blogging, you should select websites from authoritative sites relevant to your niche.
  • You should choose the topics of the guest blog related to the site for which you are going to write it. Ensure the topics are new and not already existing on the site. 
  • Share only practically applicable and reliable contents that do not include any false information. Make sure the contents are unique and helpful for the readers.
  •  You must focus on providing valuable content rather than link building. To add more value to the post, insert a link to your resource.

If the chosen guest blogging website is unrelated to your niche, the obtained backlinks may be considered spam by google. To boost your site rank in SERP by guest post links, ensure you publish excellent and relevant content on their website. 

2. Create Link-Worthy Content

If you need backlinks from other authoritative sites and bloggers, and authors to your site, you need to create link-worthy content. The vital point for earning high-quality links to your site is creating good content worthy of sharing. 

  • Add infographics and visual assets

Infographics, charts or diagrams help to understand complex information quickly. You should research topics based on your niche and design a compelling infographic relevant to it. Publish these visual assets on your website and share them on social media to increase your chances of obtaining more backlinks. This strategy offers many possibilities for getting links from more relevant sites of your niche. To make it easy for publishers and other websites to share your infographics, you can provide an embedded code. You can reach editors of publications in your site’s niche and ask them to share your infographics. 

  • Post statistics

You can acquire more backlinks if your site has survey reports and research studies related to statistics and trends of your niche. Consequently, other sites and publishers link back to your site without much effort. By posting statistics and prediction reports, you can quickly obtain backlinks. 

  • Launching tools related to your niche

You can launch free useful tools relevant to your niche to gain more backlinks from professional sites and industries. If you offer a valuable tool for free, sites related to them will use it. Thus you can get backlinks quickly and automatically from those sites. This method is very effective as it does not require creating guest posts or infographics, which is time-consuming. You can perform link building on your website without any kind of approach by launching free tools in it. 

  • Post listicles

Posting your content in lists makes it easier for the readers to understand the concept. You can create niche-relevant listicles on your website, like valuable tips, top 10 tools, and essential steps. By publishing these listicles, you can attract more reliable sites of your niche for linking back to you. It is proven that listicles get more backlinks and traffic than other blog post methods. 

3. Email outreach for link building

Backlinks from top publications of your niche have high value in google ranking. To get these backlinks, you can reach the publications via email. Search your targeted keywords in google and analyze the domains of top search result URLs. If you find a relevant domain for link building, get their email address from the site. Email them requesting backlinks to your site with sufficient reasons and wait for their approval. 

4. Submissions on directories

You can list your site on business directories for link building. There are many business directories available on the internet to submit your website but ensure they are relevant to your niche. Nowadays, people use search engines to find their desired services or products near them. Thus, you can enhance your website’s visibility and google SERP ranking by listing on high-authority online directories. 

Points to remember while adding your site to business directories:

  • Choose directories based on your targeted audience and your site’s niche.
  • List your site on directories with low spam scores and high domain authority.
  • Enter all the information about your business, like contact details, address, customer reviews, product/ service description and ratings, images etc., in the directory.
  • Provide correct contact details and ensure the details are consistent and updated regularly on all directories. 

5. Claim backlinks using reverse image search

There are possibilities of other websites using your infographic or other visual assets from your site, as you both have a common niche. By using a reverse image search on google, you can find the sites that are using your visual assets. Then check whether those websites credited the infographics or images with your site link. If they didn’t credit you, reach them through email and request them to add your site’s link to their resource. 

6. Commenting on blog posts

Find blog posts related to your site and start commenting on them. It is a crucial link building tactic as you insert your website’s link in the comment section of your niche-related blog posts. Ensure you are not spamming and the comments look natural. Try to build a good relationship with the blog’s publisher with meaningful comments about the post. You should engage with the author by asking questions and by sharing your thoughts on the topic to not make the comments look forced. By commenting on blog posts, you can build a helpful relationship with authors and bloggers, along with link building.

7. Reclaim broken and lost links

With time, links in the sites may get broken or lost for reasons like deleting or updating the pages with the link. You need to find reliable sites related to your niche and check for any broken or lost links in them. If you find any of those, reach them and offer help to fix the non working backlinks on their site. Request them to update their dead links with backlinks pointing to your website. 

You can observe your competitor sites for broken links and ask their editors to replace them with your resource page. Broken link building is a profitable strategy as it saves more time. Also, it’s essential to monitor your website consistently to detect broken or lost links and fix them quickly.  

8. Add links in resource pages

Adding your site’s link on the resource pages is another best practice for link building. Resource pages include a list of reliable links and resources for a specific topic. These pages are also called pillar pages and are enriched with complete information and materials on certain subjects. 

Search and find these resource pages to add links pointing to your site. You should verify the credibility and page authority of the resource page before adding your site to them. Some resource pages allow you to submit the links, but on some pages, you have to reach the editors through email to add your article. Mail them the details and description of your site along with valid reasons to accept your request. Also, to get listed, ensure your site is relevant and has valuable content that can be helpful for that resource page. 

10. Be active on social media

Social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc., can be helpful for sharing content. You should be active on these social media platforms to share information about your website and increase engagement in it. By using this strategy, you can easily reach your targeted audience. 


Nowadays, podcasts are top-rated for promoting business among audiences. You need to give interviews on any of the relevant podcasts and talk about your niche related things. You can get backlinks from these podcasting sources to your site through this. Engage with communities in Q&A platforms like Reddit and quora. Along with answers to the queries, you can include a link pointing to a relevant source on your site. Try to participate in expert roundups conducted by reputable sites of your niche to share your opinions on the topics. You will get a backlink from those posts by participating as an expert. 
Choose the suitable strategies mentioned in the above article for successful link building.  Good link building is the primary factor in gaining credibility from google, so ensure you gain backlinks from high DA sites for your website. As a result, you can get drastic growth in organic traffic and google result ranking of your site.