Do you know the key factors of an effective Private Blog Network? The answer is choosing the best and perfect domains for your PBN campaign. Every PBN domain is directly linked with your money site and is responsible for passing the link juice. The backlinks in the PBN domains help the link building process in your money site. So it’s essential to choose PBN domains with an excellent link profile that helps you rank your money site higher in SERP.

Your PBN domain should have high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites of your niche. It should satisfy all the metrics needed for an efficient PBN domain. You must ensure that your cost and time investment in buying or creating a domain for your PBN network is worth it. 

What are the types of domains available? How can you find cheap and best PBN domains? What are the metrics that should be noted while buying PBN domains? Let’s learn the answers and guidance on PBN websites in this article.

Types Of Domains For PBN

1. Keyword Brand PBN Domain

Brand keywords are referred to as words related to your business, brand, or products. And if the domain name has these keywords, it’s known as the keyword brand domain. Here the domain name will be a combination of one main keyword and your business’s brand name. To make it sound good, you should not have more than two words in the domain name.  

Choosing a keyword brand domain is a good choice as it has your brand name and helps in the website ranking of your site in SERP. Ensure the domain name does not have too many keywords to make it more appealing.

2. Premium PBN Domain

Domain names are significant for making your website easily findable in google search engine. Premium domains are high-quality domains enriched with good domain names and keywords. It has one or two significant words in its domain name. These domains have heavy competition in buying and are not readily available to purchase. Thus the cost of premium domains is high compared to other domains. Your investment in these domains is worth it, as their value and cost will grow more in the future. 

Features of premium domains are,

  • Concision

Premium domains provide short and precise domain names. For your website to be easily memorable, its domain name should be concise and less complex. Long words and punctuation usage in the domain name will increase its complexity and make it harder to remember. 

  • High DA Domains

You need domains with more good backlinks from relevant sites for creating a successful Private Blog Network. Premium PBN domains have high domain authority, which passes a large quantity of link juice to your money site. 

  • Reliable Top-Level Domain

Premium domain names have trustworthy TLDs like .com TLD etc, in them. Although, it is essential to have relevant TLD, as it can be found at the end of the domain name. It helps you to reach your targeted audience efficiently. 

3. Regular PBN Domain

You can search for your desired domain name and register it for your PBN campaign. These are the regular PBN domains and obtaining them is very easy. Check for the availability of your desired PBN domain name and search for new names if it is not available. 

You can use a dictionary to find notable names relevant to your PBN domains. Since many domain names are being claimed daily, it may be a little difficult to register your regular domain. But if you spend some time in complete searching, you can claim good domain names. 

4. Expired PBN Domain

For several reasons, many government and business websites get closed every day. The owners of these websites may let it expire and drop it for sale. The expired domains may have a high-quality backlink profile and are prevalent in their niche. You can buy these expired domains for your Private Blog Network to increase its value. Moreover, expired PBN domains are highly effective as they contain more good backlinks from authoritative sites.

How To Pick The Best Expired PBN Domains

You need to choose the best expired PBN domains for a worthy investment. In your money site, you can achieve top google rank by using powerful PBN links that are linked in the dropped domains. Certain important factors determine the effectiveness of dropped domains. Let’s see the essential factors and metrics of an efficient expired domain for your Private Blog Network.

  • Google Indexing

You need to ensure that the expired domains are indexed in google while purchasing them. Only after google indexing, your website will appear on the Google search engine result page. For the expired domain to get indexed, you must wait 10 to 15 days after registration. 

Indexing can be checked by searching your registered domain’s URL. If your expired PBN domain does not appear on the result page, it may have some penalties from Google. Reasons for penalties in your expired domain can be spammy backlinks or anchor text. If the domain had been hacked previously, there is a chance of having a penalty from google. 

  • Domains Approved By Google News

Some domains are approved by Google news because of their relevance and popularity in their niche. All the blogs and articles in these domains will be directly added to Google news. As a result, the domain gains high authority and credibility among other competitors. It would be super beneficial if you were able to find these kinds of domains when the owner of them decided to move on from them. By linking these domains to your Private Blog Network, you can dramatically increase its link juice and relevance.

  • Authority Of The Expired Domain

You have to choose expired domains with high authority in your niche for the best results in the SERP ranking of your money site. The dropped domain should be trustworthy in your niche to gain credibility for your PBN network. Ensure the metric of Trust Flow in the expired domain ranges from a minimum of 25 and more. You should verify that the backlinks in these sites are from authentic sites and are spam free. Choose common sites like ex-government or media domains as it has a good backlink profile and high trust from google.

  • Relevancy Of The Expired Domain

While buying expired domains, you must check whether it is relevant to the niche of your targeted site. To make your PBN campaign look natural to google, the dropped domain you purchase must be within your niche. Website crawlers may consider your network artificial if you link different niche domains to your money site. So always ensure the relevancy of expired domains to increase your promoted site’s value in Google.

  • History Of The Expired Domain

You must look through the expired domains’ previous usage before buying them. By checking its history, you can get an idea about it and see if it’s been used in any PBN network. You can verify if it is used for any spamming purpose or on a 301 redirect. Do not buy the dropped domain if you find any of these activities in its history. 

You can get screenshots of previous activities on the expired domain using the Wayback machine tool. Avoid the domains if it is in any illegal or suspicious activity. 

Spam Checking For PBN Domains

After registration, you must check for the presence of any spam in your PBN domains. To avoid getting a penalty in your domain from google, you have to ensure it is spam free. Now let’s see the strategies to avoid it.

1. Top Pages

Check the URLs of the top pages in your PBN domain. If the page URLs look spammy, avoid those domains from using in your PBN network.

2. Keywords And Anchor Text

Do not use domains with keywords related to gambling, porn or unrelated topics. It may lead to penalization of your PBN domain which decreases your money site’s domain authority. 

Having spammy and high anchor text may also be the reason for getting a penalty, so check and avoid the domains that have them. 

3. Spammy Backlinks

To ensure there is no spam, manually check every backlink in your PBN domain. Avoid using domains with backlinks linking to irrelevant and spammy websites. Check and remove the broken or redirected links in it.

4. Aware Of Hacked Sites

You have to look through the signs of hacking in your bought PBN domains. Keywords in your domain might not be visible if the hacker hid elements and links inside. If you find hacking traces in your PBN site, don’t use them and move to another domain.


After finding the best domain for your Private Blog Network, you should start setting it up in a safe way. Constantly monitor your PBN domains for spam and keep them fresh. Google crawlers scan your domain and rank it on the search result page only if your site is active. If you invest time and follow white hat link building strategy, you can increase the organic traffic to your website. So focus on primary SEO strategies like link building and posting high-quality content in your PBN domains and money site. 

Maintain the niche’s relevancy to gain more authority among your competitors. Keep adding good quality backlinks from trustworthy sites of your niche to keep your PBN campaign in natural form. Ensure the contents in your PBN domains are appropriate and accurate to increase the dwell time of visitors in it. By following the instructions mentioned in this article, choose the potential domains for your PBN network for achieving your targeted goal in the money site.