One of the best off-page search engine optimization strategies is Link building. It is carried out by adding backlinks from other sites to your website. The link juice passed from those incoming links plays an essential role in your website ranking. Thus you should add only high-quality backlinks to rank your website on top in SERP. Another critical factor is you should obtain these links from authoritative sites of your niche to rank your site higher. 

As you can see, link building is a long process that takes time. Are there any ways to complete the process in a quicker way? Yes, through building your own PBN you can get more good quality backlinks from relevant sites. What is a Private Blog Network backlink, and how can you obtain them? Read this article to find the answers and the best instructions you need to create PBN backlinks.

What Is A PBN Backlink?

You need backlinks to rank your money site on top and increase its authority in Google. Acquiring high DA backlinks from relevant sites of your niche is a time and money-consuming task. Creating a PBN network allows you to obtain these incoming links in vast quantities in less time. A private Blog Network is made up of a bunch of domains that have many good quality backlinks in them. It is owned by a single owner to perform off-page SEO. 

Each PBN domain is independent of the other and linked with your money site separately. These PBN domains have a great backlink profile, so a good quantity of link value will pass from their high DA PBN backlink to your site. Thus it helps to rank your money site higher on google ranking among other competitors. 

How Does PBN Backlink Function?

Some websites may have high popularity in their niche and gain substantial organic traffic. They may have good backlinks from government sites or many authoritative websites. Thus these websites would achieve a lot of money and high ranking in the Google SERP. The owner of these sites may decide not to use them once they achieve the targeted money. So after some time, the owners may let the websites expire.  

These expired domains are enriched with excellent backlinks from popular sites. So Google will consider them as more trustworthy and authoritative websites than other competitors. 

To enhance your money site ranking by search engine optimization, you can buy these expired domains for your PBN network. You can find thousands of expired domains with great backlink profiles every day to purchase from many registrars.

Advantages Of PBN Network

PBN One of the essential elements for a successful off-page SEO is PBN backlinks. It increases your money site’s value and domain authority in your niche. By having great PBN backlinks from relevant sites in your private network, you can gain the trust of Google. Credibility from google helps you to rank your money site higher on the search engine result page. 

PBN backlinks help you to perform link building for your website effectively. It takes a lot of time for a normal link building process as it requires a lot of approaches. But by using expired PBN domains you can obtain backlinks quickly. These are the valuable reasons why you should use PBN for your money site. 

How To Build A High DA PBN Backlink?

If you want your website to rank higher on the Google result page, you need a powerful PBN Campaign. You must build quality backlinks through PBN to pass more link juice to your money site. Let’s now see the steps to build PBN backlinks effectively.

1. Write Content According To PBN Backlinks

You need to post content in your PBN domains regularly to keep it active. Posting relevant content helps you to make your site look natural and trusty to google. It also helps you to maintain the freshness of your site and increases its organic traffic. 

You must carefully place the PBN backlinks in your content while creating it. These inbound links can be linked to your money site, authoritative sites, or internal pages of your PBN site. You should write content by keeping these linking positions of your PBN links in mind. 

2. Proper Insertion Of PBN Backlinks

After writing the content in your PBN sites, you should check it for grammatical and logical errors. Edit the mistakes in the content and find the places to insert your PBN backlinks. Proper placement of high-quality backlinks in PBN domains is essential for passing link juice to your promoted site. 

You must follow specific instructions to choose the correct backlinks and the right positions to place them in your PBN domains. Backlinks can be classified into 3 types, and they are,

  • Internal PBN Backlinks

The destination of the internal links will be within your PBN site. These are the backlinks that let you link the recently created blog with blogs already updated on your PBN domain. For a powerful PBN campaign, it is preferred to have 7 to 8 internal backlinks in your new post.

  • Money Site Links

These links are linked directly from your PBN site’s blog to your money site. You must insert only a few links for the money site in your posts. Don’t insert more than one link with the same domain and URL to your PBN domain blog, as it may make google crawlers consider the links suspicious. 

  • High Authority PBN Backlinks

Backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites are very important for your site to gain credibility and a high rank in SERP. You must insert 1 to 3 high authority backlinks to your new blogs in PBN domains.

Follow these guidelines to place PBN backlinks in your domain’s blogs effectively. Based on the size and requirement of your blog, you can increase or decrease the number of backlinks in it. You should post good quality content in your PBN domains to achieve a high website ranking. So ensure you add only quality links relevant to your site’s content rather than focusing on the quantity of backlinks.

3. Attention To Ratio Of Anchor Text

Nowadays, search engines like Google do not accept backlinks that are created using target keywords to increase the domain’s website ranking. To rank your PBN site higher, you need to follow these ratios of anchor text,

  • The percentage of exact matching between the PBN backlink and the anchor text should be almost 1 to 3.
  • The PBN backlink must match the generic anchor by a percentage of nearly 20.
  • With brand anchors, the percentage should be close to 50.
  • The backlinks should match nearly 20% with naked URLs.
  • With LSI anchors and synonyms, the PBN backlinks should match by a percentage of 3 to 5.

The ratio between your PBN backlink and anchor text is vital for effective link building. Sometimes google considers keywords in the content of the domain’s page rather than keywords pointing anchors for website ranking. Therefore while writing your PBN blog, you need to know the latest methods to search keywords for your content. Also, you should know the working of the hummingbird algorithm for effectively writing blogs in your PBN domain. 

4. Avoid Spammy Links

There are certain essential factors for creating effective PBN backlinks successfully. One of the main factors is the amount of PBN backlinks in your domain. Another one is the interval between the backlinks linking to your money site. 

How many backlinks can be present on your PBN site? You can have many backlinks on your website based on your requirements but make sure it doesn’t look artificial. The quality of the backlink is crucial to make your PBN domain look natural to the website crawlers. You can have backlinks to your money site from different blogs of the same PBN domain. Here, you have to focus on ensuring that the linking does not look forced. If your link building looks suspicious, you can’t rank your site higher, even if it has a more significant number of backlinks.

Based on the type and age of your money site, the interval between inserting PBN backlinks in your domain varies. For newly created money sites, insert fewer backlinks than aged ones in the given time interval. For your PBN backlinks to not look spammy, you have to keep the timeframe and number of backlinks in mind while inserting them. 


Obtaining quality backlinks for your site is crucial for the best SEO results. To gain credibility from google search engine, authentic link building services are vital. PBN backlinks have the efficiency of boosting your money site’s ranking if it is created and inserted in your blogs effectively. You must properly manage and monitor your Private Blog Network to ensure the backlinks in its domains are spam free. The incoming links should be from authoritative sites of your niche and should have high link equity. You have to make sure the backlinks are working before inserting them into your PBN network. 

By following the instructions mentioned in the above article, you can create backlinks with high domain authority in your PBN campaign. As a result, it increases your money site’s authority in the google search engine. It also brings targeted organic traffic and income to your promoted site.