Acquiring backlinks to your website plays a major role in search engine optimization. But gaining relevant authoritative backlinks with high link value is a long process. To complete the process of obtaining a large number of good backlinks in the quickest and efficient way, you can build a Using Private Blog Network for link building has so many advantages in SEO.. This PBN network consists of many expired domains with a high link profile, and it is linked to your money site. 

Through PBN, your money site will have more incoming links that pass high link authority. This helps to promote your money site in web ranking quickly. You need to know specific vital insights required to form a private blog network that produces the best results successfully.

Why Is PBN Preferred?

Using Private Blog Network for link building has so many advantages in SEO. Some of them are listed below.

  • You are ranking your money site at the top among the competing websites of your niche.
  • Building PBN is one of the fastest approaches in search engine optimization.
  • Obtaining High DA PBN backlinks in a consistent manner, which makes your website more credible. As a result, your money site will appear on top in google SERP with high organic traffic.
  • You are having full control over each website in your PBN network and the links passing from it to your money site.
  • Investing in PBN provides a long-term ranking of your money site.
  • You can add new links and content or change them at any time on your PBN site.
  • Since you can decide the keywords for your PBN site, ranking the desired keyword in your quality content is easy.

In this article, you will get a clear picture of all the details you need to know about the PBN campaign, its importance in off-page SEO

#Required Amount Of Sites For PBN

You can have multiple sites in your private blog network. Based on your investment of time and money in building the PBN domain, you can manage limitless websites in it. Here quality is prioritized over the quantity of sites you have in your PBN campaign. Moreover, check whether all the domains follow google guidelines and do not have any penalties in them. Make sure the PBN domains are well monitored and maintained with high-quality PBN backlinks and SEO optimized content to rank your money site in google SERP.

#Backlinks Limit In PBN

How many links can a PBN have? The answer is the number of backlinks linked to your Private Blog Network has no limitation. But make sure the quality of the incoming links is high and they are from authentic sites. The links should have a great link profile to rank your site higher.

#Setting Up A PBN

Implementing the process of setting it up in an effective way is best to obtain more backlinks with high link juice from a Private Blog Network. Also, you should make sure to gain incoming links from more reliable, authoritative sites for your money site to rank higher. Some strategies are followed to build PBN in an efficient way. They are:

  • Buying existing PBN domains
  • Restoring domains
  • Mini-domain registration

Buying Existing PBN Domains

Owners of some sites may want to sell their sites, or the sites may be disowned after the owners move to new ones. Some sites expire if the owners do not renew them within the time. These expired sites will be available to buy to build your private blog network. They will be available to purchase from auctions or brokers. 

But what you have to check before buying these expired domains is their backlink profile. Buy domains with high-quality backlinks from more authoritative sites to build your PBN. After purchasing the domains, you can rename the site, alter or add the pages and links. Be cautious of scammers while purchasing. After a few days, verifications of your bought domains will be complete, and you can find out if the site you purchased is worth the investment. Once you get admin access to your bought PBN domains, change the contact details, address, and passwords. Purchasing the PBN domains in a specific amount rather than bulk purchasing with an interval of a particular time period consistently is preferred. 

Preventive Tips For Not Getting Scammed

  • Research before buying an expired domain for your private blog network. Make sure you invest in a good backlink profile domain of your niche through your research. Some original owners may have used their high-link authority domains for spamming purposes. And try to sell it after accomplishing their specific needs. So verify that the owners used legal methods to achieve this high-quality link profile on their sites before buying. 
  • Check whether the homepage of the domain you plan to buy looks authentic. Examine the top 10 backlinks on the domain to get an outline of the site’s link profile. 
  • Use filtering and sorting tools to enhance the view and search your preferred domains in the list of expired domains from your registrar’s site.
  • There are chances that the original owners of the domain may provide false stats about the sites. Checking the history of the sites can prevent you from being cheated. You can check the pages of the expired domain to analyse its history. Wayback Machine is a software that allows you to see these pages by archiving them.

Features of an excellent Expired Domain

  • The expired domain should have high domain authority and page authority.
  • It should not have any history of hacking.
  • Backlinks from trustworthy sites of your niche are necessary.
  • Domain names should have mainstream Top-level domains like .org, .net, and .com. Avoid domains with unknown and strange TLDs.
  • The URL of the domain should be a non-spammed one.

Restoring Domains

You have to find the domains where the owners decided to no longer renew their name or don’t want to continue their operations due to various reasons. Acquire and restore these expired domains and register them in your PBN network. Change the ownership of these expired domains to your ownership. Make sure each domain in your private blog network has unique IP hosting. Then build and manage your PBN domains with CMS software’s like WordPress. WordPress offers various themes and structures to design and organize pages in your domain.

Mini-Domain Registration 

Creating a mini-domain or a blog on a most popular portal is the most cost-efficient and easiest method to build a private blog network. After creation, change the subject of the mini-site and enter your details for profile completion. Ensuring high quality while creating these mini-blogs rather than quantity is essential. Form a structural order for your PBN domain, post quality content based on the niche, and link it to your money site.

#Can PBN Have Multiple Domains Linked With Each Other?

By perfect implementation, you can have multiple domains in your PBN network that are linked with each other. Make sure the PBN domains are linked in a way that it does not look like an artificial linking. Give importance to providing good quality in each domain for building a powerful PBN to boost your promoted site ranking. 

#How To Remove Low-Quality Backlinks From PBN Domains?

PBN is one of the most efficient strategy in SEO for obtaining backlinks to your money site. It should be made up of a group of PBN domains that have more backlinks with high-link profiles. These domains are linked with your money site to rank it on top in SERP. Your money site ranking will be affected if the PBN sites have low-quality backlinks. There are some tools like Moz, Majestic, or Ahrefs available to check the link profile of the backlinks in your PBN websites. Also, by entering your domain’s URL in these above-mentioned tools you can see the metrics of backlinks linked with your site. If you find any low link profile links in your PBN domain, you can follow the below methods to remove them:

Method 1:

By Manually removing the low-quality backlinks, it may take a lot of time to complete. You have to reach out and ask the owners of the site that is linked to your private blog network to remove those links.

Method 2:

Using backlink removal tools like Google’s disavow tool to remove low link juice backlinks from your PBN domain.


Strong link building strategies are essential for obtaining high-quality incoming links to your money site. By using a private blog network, you can complete the link building process in a time-efficient way. Linking your money site to the PBN network helps to rank your site at the top among your niche competitors. And makes your promoted site more visible on the search engine result page. As a result, more people will visit your site, which increases the organic traffic of it. A better understanding of what PBN is before building makes your investment of time and money worthy.

In this guide, you will find all the key tips that are essential to know for building an effective PBN network. And how to choose quality domains by not getting scammed. To increase the dwell time of the visitors in your money site, maintaining the quality of your PBN domains is essential. Make sure to follow the strategies mentioned in the above article to build and maintain high-quality domains in your PBN campaign.