What Is a Private Blog Network?

PBN is a collection of websites that all link back to the same page, and it is one of the most popular link building techniques to generate quality backlinks to the target website and attract new visitors. You can deploy a private blog network to boost your website’s SEO ranking organically. 

Private blog networks are groups of related websites that work together to increase your website authority and visibility by building PBN backlinks to your money site. Because all of the blogs in a PBN belong to the same owner, they have complete editorial control over the sites’ content.

Due to the Google penalty for PBN users, you should make a well structured and footprint free PBN campaign. Google may de-index your whole PBN if you fail to follow Google guidelines properly.

Link building is a useful Off-page SEO tactic since it increases your website’s page and domain authority. Google Penguin algorithm can identify connection schemes in real time. When search engines detect a PBN, it will hurt your website ranks and even lead to a manual penalty.

But, when you follow the effective PBN link building strategy for the whole PBN campaign, you can avoid the Google penalty and get instant changes in your SERP ranking. In this blog, you will get expert tips to set up a safe and strong PBN campaign that will help to generate top quality PBN backlinks to your website. 

Why Private Blog Networks? 

Nowadays, many SEOs use a PBN link building strategy to get a better ranking on Google search results. Quite simply, there is no other justification for its construction. When you wish to make adjustments to your backlink profile, such as adding or removing links or altering anchor text, you have complete freedom to do so. 

Learn the ins and outs of the private blog network, a time-saving shortcut for acquiring numerous high-quality PBN backlinks without having to do the time-consuming processes often associated with link building manually.

To set up the PBN campaign, here are 5 tips that you should follow:

  • Buying PBN domains
  • Hosting all the PBN domains
  • Adding catchy themes and setting up blogs in all the domains
  • Publishing quality content 
  • Building backlinks to money site

Through a private blog network, you can create quality dofollow PBN backlinks to your website. In this way, link juice will pass, and your website’s authority will increase gradually. If a high-authority site connects to your money site, Google will view your site as more reliable. It also improves your position in search engine results. Buying an expired domain is an integral part of establishing a private blog network.

Some websites are only around for a short period, but you can earn a lot of SEO juice during that time. Factors like how long a domain has been around, inbound links, and links from authoritative sites in the same niche are all a part of this. You may get a lot of link juice from establishing a network of PBN sites if they are relevant to your primary money site.

PBN Safety Tips To Build HQ Backlinks

If you have a money site, having a strong private blog network backlinks to it can boost its Google pagerank. Domains that have recently expired are used in the creation of PBN websites.

Since it has likely had massive backlinks over the years, it carries more weight in search engine rankings. You may increase your website ranking in a very short time and have a greater influence on its backlink profile with a private blog network. For making an effective PBN campaign, you should follow these guidelines.

1. Purchase PBN Domains:

Buying expired domains for your PBN network is the first step to setting up your campaign. Using a variety of auction sites is a smart strategy for snagging high-priced domain names. It is possible to catch a domain that is going to expire manually, but doing so will need more work on your part. A wide variety of options exist for acquiring them. A domain broker is an important part of the domain-buying process. A domain auction provides another option for acquiring a website address at a discount.

If you can get your hands on a list of archived domains that have been dropped, you can find some excellent ones for your private blog network. Only a select few domain registrars have automated their services by developing web crawlers specifically designed to locate and acquire expired domains. It’s a simple and efficient method for locating potential PBN domains.

2. Domain Registrars

All of your domains should be registered with different and unique registrars. The primary goal of a private blog network is to avoid footprints. Over a thousand domain registrars may be found in ICAN’s database. Costs will range depending on the service provider chosen. As a first step to creating footprint free PBN networks, setting up domains with multiple providers.

3. Purchase Expired Domains

While purchasing expired or expired domains, you should keep in mind the quality of PBN backlinks. As part of your PBN, you need only the best domains because investing a little extra to guarantee excellent value indicators is important.

The price of an expired domain will change depending on the backlink quality and its metrics. You can find expired domains by using free or premium tools. Expired domains can be located on a number of different websites. Auctions, such as Namecheap and GoDaddy, are another option for acquiring an expired domain name. Among the many excellent expired domain sites, expireddomains.net stands out.

Before purchasing any expired domains, consider the following checklist:-

  • A domain with PR value 2+
  • Domain authority greater than 20
  • Minimum domain age = 3
  • Contains high-quality PBN backlinks that come from different IPs
  • The Money site and your PBN domains should be in the same niche.

4. Perfect Web-Hosting

The next step to building safe PBN backlinks is to find the best PBN hosting provider that can host your domain in the downtime and with a high response rate. If you’re going to host many websites, it’s best to give each one its own unique IP address. You’ll need to look for a host that gives each of your domains a unique C-Class IP address and places them on their own servers.

There are several web hosting providers that offer the best hosting services. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • All the PBN domains should host in a unique IP address. Try to avoid hosting multiple domains in the shared hosting plan. 
  • The web hosting servers must be located in different places in the world. 
  • Choose web hosting plans that are easy to manage instead of too complicated. 

5. Content Should Be Authentic And Original

Quality, original, and recently published content will always rank higher in Google search results. Content plays an important role in both on-page and off-page SEO. Regular, high-quality posts are essential for a successful private blog network.

There’s no need to create and post content to your new PBN websites. Give some time to make sure the domain is still active and has yet to be de-indexed by Google. 

A technique whereby content is slightly modified for each page is called “spinning,” and it should never be used. Each site in your private blog network deserves the same level of care and consideration as the others.

The low-quality content is meant to devalue your work, and it will affect your whole PBn network. In your private blog network, you must upload original content, images, and videos. You can use some popular image editing tools to create unique images relevant to your content.

6. Create Footprint Free PBN Backlinks

The success of your PBN network depends heavily on the hosting method you choose for your private blog network. When it comes to your private blog network, safety is first. 

Your PBN can be hosted on a virtual private server (VPS). Because your IP address won’t be shown to anybody else. It’s crucial to go with a legitimate service that has been around for some time.

You shouldn’t log in with the same credentials across the board if you utilize a service like Google Analytics on many sites. A unique user account and IP address may be created for each service you wish to utilize.

The following are some methods to create footprint free PBN:-

  1. WhoIs Domain Data – Your name and postal address are required information when you register a domain. You can make the Whois information private, but since Google is also a registrar, they will still be able to know who the domain’s owner is.
  2. Registrar – Some individuals use several registrars, such as godaddy.com and the internet.bs, etc., to register their domain names. The process of locating and registering domains is the most time-consuming and challenging part of creating a PBN.
  3. Hosting – The largest imprint in all PBNs is the result of hosting. Google may penalize all sites hosted on the same IP address since it will see them as coming from the same source.

7. Make Your Website Popular

Once you set up the PBN campaign, you can start to create PBN backlinks to your website. Also, it is important to make your PBN website popular on Google. 

Here are some important sections of a website that will add value:-

  • Contact page – If you want your blog to be more popular, you need to make a contact us page to invite people to contact you. 
  • About Us page – You can include some original information in the format of about us of 300 to 500 words on the about page. Images can be added to the about us section of a website, increasing its value to potential customers.
  • Privacy Policy – Using WordPress’s configuration panel, you may make a dedicated page for your company’s privacy policies.
  • Terms & Conditions – Use a Terms and Condition content generator to quickly and easily write up your policies.
  • Disclaimer – To create a disclaimer, utilize a disclaimer generator.
  • Team – Add pictures of your team to make your PBN look more legitimate.

Conclusion – Create Safe & Strong PBN Backlinks

When you create an authentic private blog network, it is good to use, and you can create high quality PBN backlinks to your money site with the perfect link and anchor text strategy. These are all the proven strategies to create a safe PBN network that will help to get a top page ranking on Google. You should monitor your PBN campaign regularly and should post high quality content only to avoid the Google penalty. A PBN domain with high metrics, the best hosting service, and high quality content are the recommended elements to create a safe and secure PBN network. As a result, you can generate massive quality PBN backlinks that will help to boost your website authority, ranking, and traffic drastically.