Various approaches of SEO are available to increase your site ranking in google. But the most efficient way among them is link building. Search engines like Google consider backlinks as one of the vital ranking factors. Link building is performed when a high authority site links your website to its pages. Your website can appear at the top of the google result page if it contains more incoming links. Therefore, the number of visitors to your webpage increases to achieve your target goal. 

The quality of backlinks is essential for gaining domain authority and credibility. You must choose trustworthy and relevant sites to conduct link building on your webpage. Then only you can obtain high link value through the backlinks. In this article, let’s discuss the different types of backlinks and which can be helpful for optimizing your website to rank it on google. 

What Are The Types Of Backlinks?

You can categorise different types of backlinks based on certain norms. They are:

Based On Link-Building Tactics:

Backlinks acquired from social media, good content, guest blog, paid posts, etc.

Based On The Quality Of The Backlinking Sites:

Relevance, authority, organic traffic, unrelated, spammy links

Based On Ways Of Link Acquisition:

Naturally- built backlinks, Self obtained links, links from SEO attacks;

Based On The Link Location:

Home page, footers, sidebar, navigation, badges, etc.

Based On Attribute: 

Link attributes like Nofollow, dofollow, and user-generated content (UGC).

Now let us find out what kind of backlinks can be used to increase your website ranking in google SERP and what links you should avoid while link building.

Advantageous Types Of Backlinks For SEO

Some types of backlinks pass high link equity from other sites to your own. These backlinks are more valuable for the link building process. They are:

1.Guest Post Backlinks

Writing blogs or articles for other sites of your niche is referred to as guest posting or guest blogging. By guest posting on your desired site, you can obtain backlinks from them. Guest blogging is the best way to get links from authoritative and relevant sites. To get a good amount of link juice from guest blog backlinks, you must ensure that the site has the following criteria:

  • A most notable factor for this link-building method is that the guest post site must be relevant to your site’s niche.
  • Check whether the site has an excellent backlink profile.
  • You must make sure the website post good-quality content regularly
  • Verify the engagement in the site, like real-time comments and have valuable followers on social media.

First, you should research and find relevant sites actively involved in the guest blogging. After choosing the sites, reach them through email and request guest posting in return for a backlink. You need to provide compelling reasons in the mail to make them accept your offer. 

2. Editorial Backlinks

Generally, you can get backlinks from any kind of source on your website, each of which will possess a different quantity of link value. But to get high benefits in SEO, you need backlinks from the most reliable and high domain authority sites. These kinds of links are called editorial backlinks and are challenging to obtain for link building. Other site owners willingly link back to your site when they find their niche-related products, services or content on your site.

Editorial backlinks allow you to get visitors from other relevant sites to your own. You do not need outreach approaches or guest posting to acquire these backlinks. Creating link-worthy content on your website is sufficient for getting editorial backlinks. Low relevancy contents are tough to rank in the search results. The following features are required to create the best content for your site.

Post unique content:

Your content should have data like study reports, listicles, infographics, free tools, experimental studies, expert roundups etc., to make it look unique.

Post everlasting content:

Create contents that can last relevant for a long time without regular updates, to gain editorial backlinks on your website.

3. Backlinks From Business Directories

By listing your website on business directories, you can get backlinks for link building. You can get a lot of traffic to your site from these local directories. But ensure the quality of directories to get excellent niche-related backlinks. Search local directories related to your niche and check their domain authority and spam score to detect the good ones. You can find many of them on the internet, for example, Yellow Pages, Yelp, All Business Now, Foursquare etc. These niche directories provide dofollow links which pass high link authority to your site. 

4. Acknowledgement Backlinks

Participate in events and activities conducted in your niche industry. You can also sponsor some events or make donations to industry activities. As an acknowledgement, you will get backlinks from the event coordinator’s site. Also, the participants and organizers will post info about your brand and links pointing to your site on their social media. 

You must actively track and find important events in your niche to gain acknowledgement links. These backlinks are very effective as they are naturally acquired and also increase the popularity of your brand on social media. It also helps you to build a good relationship with your industry people. 

5. PBN Backlinks

One of the most time and cost-efficient ways for link building is acquiring PBN backlinks. Using backlinks from Private Blog Network, you can pass high link authority to your site. Select good quality backlink profile domains for obtaining the best PBN backlinks.

Types of Backlinks Useful for Business Marketing

6. Backlinks From Business Profile

Create a business profile for your brand to increase your site’s popularity and get good-quality backlinks. You can create them on review websites, niche directories, or social media. Backlinks from your business profile help to boost your google rank and act as a marketing tool for your website.

7. Backlinks From The Comment Section

Comment sections have more engagement as people express their opinions on the subject. You can find more details about the topic or people pointing out mistakes in the comments. It is also the place where many discussions start on questionable content. So comment sections are very useful for posting your site’s link along with relevant comments. This way, you can build your branding along with link building.

Do not spam the comment section, and you can also include no follow links to create brand awareness. As a consequence, organic traffic on your website will escalate. 

8. Backlinks From Social Media Posts

Social media is a powerful weapon for sharing content among millions of people. Google considers popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as regular web pages. So backlinks to your site from social media posts have high value in link building. 

If your post on social media gets more engagement and shares, you can increase the number of visitors to your site. Posting quality content is necessary to attract more people to link back to your site.

9. Backlinks From Bio

When you write guest blogs, some authors add your site link in their bio, which will help your link building. There are many possibilities for getting backlinks if you include the website link in your social media profile’s bio. You can gain natural traffic to your site from these social media referrals. Social media accounts are crucial to increase your online visibility as they have more influence now. You should be active on social media to grow the trust and network among your targeted audience. 

Linkless Brand Mentions

Along with the backlink profile, your brand mentions and credit also play a crucial role in search engine ranking. Linkless mentions also pass a different kind of juice to your website. Google estimates your site value based on the brand mentions of your site on the internet. If your site is mentioned by many people on social media or any sites, it gains more trust from google. Also, brand mentions are easier to grow compared to link building. You can use the same tactics used for building backlinks to increase the mentions of your business. 

What Are The Backlinks You Need To Avoid?

Backlinks from negative SEO techniques can ruin your website ranking in the google search engine. Someone spamming your website link in the comment section can affect your site’s value. This can make link building on your site look like a suspicious activity in google eyes. You can add no follow tag to comments to prevent your website from spam backlinks.


Backlinks are the critical factor for enhancing the growth of your business among other competitors. Link building is the most valuable method in SEO to achieve and maintain a successful SERP ranking on your website. The value of backlinks depends on the relevancy of the sites linking them. Lack of relevance from these sites can become a downgrading factor. You can get great results in link building if the links are obtained from trustworthy sites of your niche. Backlinks from irrelevant sites bring no SEO value to your website. Get links from high-quality sites to make your link building look authentic. 

From this article, you can choose backlink types that are suitable for your link building process. Editorial backlinks are highly preferable for getting natural traffic to your site. Some kinds of backlinks also help in increasing the popularity of your brand. These links bring more visitors to your website, along with link enquiry. Ensure you refrain from using dangerous types of backlinks not to get penalties from google on your website.