A search engine optimization strategy can achieve massive growth on your website. One of the important processes in off-page SEO that you can perform is link building. It is the fastest approach to rank your money site on top of the search engine result page. Link building is carried out by posting backlinks on your site from other authoritative sites of your niche. These backlinks that are linked to your site must have a great link profile that can pass high link value from its original site to yours. 

The quality of incoming links increases the domain authority of your money site among your other competitors. PBN is created to acquire more high-link profile backlinks in the fastest way. It’s a private network owned by a single person and has a group of domains with good quality inbound links. This network of sites is linked to your money site and helps it rank higher in SERP.

Will PBN Be Effective In Upcoming Years?

Adding backlinks to your site by researching and reaching donor sites from various approaches requires a lot of time. If you want to rank your money site on Google’s top page in a short time, an efficient way of building backlinks through PBN is the best option. PBN with a high backlink profile plays a vital role in the website ranking. Incoming links in your PBN domains should be from a relevant site of your niche to make your money site more reliable.  

Complete planning of effective ways to build a productive Private Blog Network is very important. While you are hosting and designing a PBN domain, it has many chances of leaving footprints. These footprints let google find your private network, which can lead to a drop in your money site’s credibility. Thus, zero footprint PBN backlinks are necessary to gain Google’s trust and boost your promoted site’s rank in your niche. 

In this article, let’s find out how to form your footprint-less PBN campaigns. And important details you have to know while building a Private Blog Network to have high-quality domains.

How To Find Quality PBN Domains?

You need domains with a high backlink profile for an effective PBN network. From auctions or brokers, you can find domains with good quality backlinks that are disowned or not renewed in time by their owners. You can use these expired domains to build your Private Blog Network. So that high link juice from these PBN domains will pass to your money site and boost its web rank. 

Check whether the backlinks from expired domains are from authoritative sites before purchasing them. You can check a domain’s backlink profile using various tools like Majestic, Moz etc, to ensure you invest your money and time in valuable expired domains. 

If you want a domain with no history for your private network, you can buy domains that are particularly registered for PBN purposes. These websites are recently created, so you have to create the contents and backlinks and design them based on your niche.

Solutions To Setup A Zero Footprint PBN

To maintain your money site credibility, you should prevent google from locating your private blog network. Several factors, like PBN hosts and contents in your domains, can be the reason for footprints. Let’s now see the solutions to have a footprint less PBN. 

1. How To Host A PBN Safely?

You have to host the expired domains in the PBN network without getting linked with each other. To make a zero footprint PBN campaign, you must host each PBN domain in unique IP hosting. You can stop Google from identifying your PBN hosting using proxy services like Cloudflare. It helps you to hide your PBN domain’s IP address from Google. Make sure you provide stable hosting to your domains in the PBN and link each domain to your money store separately. For your website to load fastly, choose a hosting service close to the region where you decided to promote it.

2. Designing PBN Domains

You can leave footprints not only during your PBN network hosting but also while designing your domain. You should use unique templates for each PBN domain in your network. If you have the same design for all your PBN sites, there is a risk of leaving footprints. While crawling, if search engine bots find matching content in your PBN domains, google will consider it a suspicious site. As a result, this may lead your website to get penalized by Google.

3. Posting New Content 

Avoid posting duplicate contents on your site, and don’t copy content from others. Copied and duplicate content will affect your website’s reputation. 

For website ranking, quality of the content posted in the domain is very essential. It increases your website’s organic traffic and helps to keep your PBN domain more reliable to google. To keep your sites in the PBN network active and fresh, consistently add high-quality and relevant content. Give more attention to the pages with high page authority.

How To Create Quality Content?

Creating high-quality contents relevant to your niche increases the dwell time of the visitors in your PBN domain. Therefore it will make your site look natural to the website crawlers. If you post low-quality content on your PBN sites, the search engine algorithm will lower your domain’s authority. Thus it will ultimately affect the website ranking of your money site. Pages in your PBN domains must be highly relevant and informative for the readers. It must satisfy your site’s visitors and provide answers to all their queries.

Create your contents on PBN websites like you do on your money site and give equal importance to both. Ensure the contents are easily understandable to your readers, and don’t add false information to your contents. Along with texts, add tables, graphs, bar diagrams, and chart diagrams to enhance the quality. Visual representation of information and stats will improve the clarity of your contents. Moreover, you can create the contents based on the network size and investment of money in your PBN campaign. For quality content creation, 

  • Research and analyse the details about your niche.
  • You can order contents from copywriters based on your budget.
  • Include images, audio, icons and videos for better understanding.
  • You can add translations of relevant contents.
  • Make sure you post unique contents in each of your PBN domains.

4. Adding New Backlinks

Link building is very important to enhance the progress of your PBN domains. Sometimes the backlinks in expired domains may get removed or lost, and this will affect the growth of your site. If search engine crawlers find no development on your site, there is a chance of getting a penalty. Adding new high-link profile backlinks will increase your PBN domain authority. 

Therefore, if you use the Private Blog Network effectively, it can act as a powerful tool in search engine optimization. By linking good quality backlinks actively, you can make your PBN campaign look more natural and rank your money site on top in SERP. 

5. Optimizing PBN Domain

You have to enhance the internal parts of your Private Blog Network domains. The google algorithm will monitor the quality of your PBN domain. While checking the quality, search engine bots note the loading speed of your site and the state of links present in it. Google bots will consider your PBN domain as a low-quality site if your sites take a long time to load. Having many links that don’t work also reduces your PBN site quality, and these links are called broken links. The reasons for broken links can be an improper URL or deleted page, or the owner may have renamed or moved the pages. 

You must regularly monitor the backlinks in your PBN domain and remove the broken links from it. Expired sites which you bought for building the PBN network may also have broken links in them. Examine the inbounding links in those expired domains and remove the links that are not working. Then update your PBN domains with new backlinks that have high link authority. This results in making your PBN sites more appealing to search engine bots and boosts your money site rank in website ranking. 


You can use a Private Blog Network to achieve the targeted traffic in your money site in the fastest way. Generally, Link building in your domain requires a lot of time. PBN helps you to acquire a huge number of backlinks for your money site quickly. It prevents you from spending more money on link building. PBN network allows you to add or alter links at any time. You can decide the number of backlinks needed for your PBN domain. 

You can increase the domain authority of your promoted site using the PBN network effectively. Managing the distribution of link values from each PBN domain to your money site is easy. It allows you to use expired and new domains for link building. A strong PBN can make your money site outrank all the competitors in your niche. Consistent updates of quality contents in PBN domains are also a significant factor in website ranking. Your site will gain more visibility on the search engine result page by ranking at the top. An increase in organic traffic to your money site enhances the growth of your niche and its credibility score. Now in this article, you learnt how to form a zero footprint PBN network to remain reliable to google search engines and boost your site.