A private blog network is a group of websites managed by a single person. PBN sites help to build quality backlinks to your website and enhance the influence and authority of a particular website. Backlinks are the most important ranking factors on Google, and it is a vote of confidence to make your content more trustable among the readers. Building backlinks from PBN websites is a powerful SEO tactic to organically get a higher rank on the Google SERP with maximum visibility. 

How Does PBN Work?

Before understanding how PBN works, you must know the importance of backlinks and website authority. Generally, a backlink is a link that will be generated from another website to your website. When you provide creative and authoritative content to high DA websites, you can get quality backlinks from the website. A website with massive backlinks will reflect the signal of greater authority. 

A PBN is a web server that links every domain to a single network. The function of private blog network is that you can purchase multiple expired domains that already have a high authority value. Alternatively, you can purchase and register different domains at once and increase their authority. Once you establish the PBN network, you can start to create and post valuable content in it and get authority backlinks. 

Why Do People Still Use PBNs?

Here are the two important reasons why people still use PBN link building to get instant results in the Google SERP. 

1. Time-Saving

Most people are trying to rank their websites on Google in this competitive digital world. Building a frequent number of organic backlinks takes a long time, and you have to spend a huge amount of time creating valuable and linkable content. 

When it comes to guest blogging, you have to find a niche website and spend days setting up email outreach campaigns and sending hundreds and thousands of emails to build a new backlink.

But, PBN SEO is an amazing strategy to manipulate the number of backlinks to your website within a short time. If you own multiple domains, you can generate your own backlinks to quickly improve your site’s ranking position. 

2. Anchor Text Modification Feature

Private blog network give you the power to control your SEO elements, such as anchor text and links. With a private blog network, you can change the anchor text as per your need. Even, you can add direct and keyword-rich anchor text to your content. Google understands the context of a linked page through the anchor text. So, it is important to add the perfect anchor text in your content, which helps to rank the right pages on Google for the right keyword. 

Usually, it is impossible to change the anchor text when you build backlinks through blogger outreach. That’s why many SEO professionals prefer PBN links to add keyword-rich anchor text to get a higher rank on Google. 

3. More Control & Quick Results

Building high quality backlinks to your website takes time, and you can’t assure guaranteed results. PBN backlinks are the most effective link building technique that gives you more control over the other SEO strategies. PBN SEO does not require any outreach process, and you can build massive backlinks with valuable content in a very short time. Even if you are the owner of the PBN campaign, you can use different strategies to find out the ones that perform better for improving your website ranking. If your PBN link was penalized manually, you can instantly remove the link and resolve the penalty. Hence the benefits of PBN backlinks are endless, which helps to get a rapid increase in building quality backlinks and authority and achieve a great search engine results page ranking for your website. 

How To Create A Strong PBN Campaign? 

Before starting to build a PBN campaign, it is important to fix a clear goal in your mind of what you will achieve by building it. Here are some valuable tips for planning a successful PBN campaign for SERP ranking:

1. Plan For Number Of PBN Links – Building the number of backlinks for a website depends on the niche you target. If you get 10 PBN backlinks from high authority sites, it is equal to getting 100 backlinks from spammy websites. So, plan to purchase PBN sites with a good domain name and domain value. 

2. Decide the price – PBN building is definitely a challenging and costly process. But, if you plan the perfect PBN strategy, you can achieve more success even if you get the chance to earn money through PBN links. You can purchase deleted or expired domains on various platforms with different IP addresses. You can also purchase hosting from the best PBN hosting service providers. 

3. Plan For Building Links to your money site – Once you set up the PBN campaign, you can start to create backlinks from the PBN website to your money site. But, if you have a new money site without having any backlinks from other sources like guest blogging, outreach, etc. In that case, you do not directly get backlinks from your PBN website because you have complete control from anchor text to link equity with your PBN links. So, it is best to create backlinks from the PBN source after generating backlinks from a few other sources. 

4. Add Effective Content – The next important step to creating powerful PBN SEO backlinks is to publish high quality and valuable content with the proper use of contextual links. A backlink with authoritative content will pass signals to the Google search engine that your website is quality and has the influence to rank higher on SERP for the relevant search topics.

PBN Domain Buying Tips:

Before buying PBN domains, you want to check the metrics such as domain authority, page authority, spam score, and backlinks of the domain that are in the same niche as your money site. For example, if your money site is in the travel niche, you should purchase PBN domains with backlinks from high authority travel blog sites. To check the metrics of the domain, you can use the best SEO tools, such as Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, and more. 

In addition, it is important to check the domain does not have spammy backlinks and has not been previously used for PBN activities. Finally, you want to check whether the domain is indexed or not on Google. The simple step to check whether the domain is indexed or not on Google is by using “site: domain name or URL” If the domain was indexed, you could see the indexed pages of the domain, and if you get no results in the SERP, the domain has not been indexed on Google. When the domain matches all these metrics, you can buy the domain for generating high quality PBN backlinks. 

What do you need to setup a powerful PBN network for SEO?

  • Expired domains
  • A trustworthy source to register the domain
  • Best PBN hosting with multiple IP
  • A perfect CMS such as WordPress or HTML to set up your PBN websites
  • High quality content for blogs
  • Eye Catchy Images

How To Design Your PBN Websites?

Getting interaction from your website visitors plays an important role in SEO. When readers quickly leave your website without any interaction, it is considered a bounce rate. Therefore, you should create a PBN website with a unique theme, logo, and high quality content. It will engages your visitors to interact with your website and provide good value among the target audience. Here are a few tips for creating a perfect website for the PBN network:

  • Catchy Theme – Add a unique theme that is relevant to your blog and target audience. 
  • Unique Logo – A logo represents the identity of your website. Try to create a unique and attractive logo that will help visitors quickly understand your website. 
  • Post Engaging Content – Content is the king for SEO to rank your blog on Google and gain more attention to the website. If you publish trending and relevant content with effective contextual links, you will get more chances to increase the authority of PBN sites. As a result, your money site will get a chance to gain a better ranking on SERP with high quality PBN backlinks.
  • Basic Pages – Every website contains a few basic pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and more. In your private blog network, you have to create basic pages on all the websites that will help visitors to know more about the purpose of your website. Also, the contact page with the proper contact details will help users quickly reach out to you. 


Many people said PBN is an unhealthy SEO strategy and it is considered your website violated Google webmaster guidelines. If you blindly follow this PBN SEO approach, you can’t achieve the best results.

As a website owner, you have to utilize the advantages of PBN through organic SEO. To strengthen your website’s backlink profile, you should keep your link acquisition count between 5% to 20%. And the remaining 80% of the link should come from the authority sources such as guest posting, forum and comment posting, web 2.0 links, and more. 

If you want to get better results on Google SERP, you should highly focus on creating quality content in your website and blog that helps to build a great relationship with your target audiences. However, if you follow all these PBN strategies for your website effectively, you can achieve significant results on Google SERP ranking within a short time.