PBN, or Private Blog Network, is a group of websites with a high domain authority score. These websites are completely owned by a single owner and help to instantly build quality backlinks to your money site. 

Do you want to rank your money site at the top page of SERP? PBN link building is an incredible link building technique to achieve faster ranking on Google. Usually, SEO experts use expired domains to build Private blog network that have efficient backlink profiles. Therefore the link value passed from PBN to your money site is high. This helps you to make your website more authoritative and trustworthy. 

Each website is put up in the PBN in a way that none of them are associated with each other and doesn’t have a common factor among them.

In this article, you will get a piece of complete knowledge about Private Blog Networks and their features. At the end of your reading, you can get a clear vision of practices to implement while building a PBN for your money site and how to use PBN for SEO. 

Importance Of PBNs:

The number of backlinks linking to your website plays a major role in website ranking. Getting backlinks from various authoritative sites is best to rank your website top in SERP. Thus, you need to spend both huge time and put more effort to achieve a better ranking on Google.

PBNs are created to obtain huge quantities of efficient backlinks and eliminate these time-consuming tasks. It is comparatively the least money consuming as well as quickest method. It also gives you the authority to decide the number of backlinks you want to link to your website.

How To Build A PBN?

The following methods should be implemented for building a safe PBN for SEO ranking.

#1. Buying Efficient Expired Domains

You must make sure that you buy expired domains from the same niche you have on your money site. The main reason for opting for the PBN network is efficient backlinks, which help your money site rank higher on Google. Therefore buying expired domains with a good link profile is necessary. There are lots of best SEO tools available online, like Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz, to analyse the link profile of expired domains. The higher the link profile, the more link juice will pass to your money, and you get the chance to boost your domain authority instantly. It helps you to choose expired domains with good backlinks before buying them.

Buying a deindexed domain may lead to a penalty, so make sure you buy indexed domains on Google. You can check this by entering “” in the google search tab. If it is an indexed domain, then it will appear in your SERP. Check the history of the domain to make sure it is not already being used in a PBN before buying.

What Is An Expired And Expiring Domain?

The domains purposely terminated or not renewed, which were any organisations and individuals once used, are referred to as expired domains. After passing the deleted stage, these domains are made available for auctions by registrars.

The domains that are not expired but passed from the former owner to you before reaching the deleting stage are referred to as expiring domains.

Where To Buy PBN Domains?

You can buy domains with good link profiles from brokers and auctions. If it’s your first time building a PBN, you can buy from brokers since manual buying requires more knowledge in evaluating a good domain before purchasing. Many forums are available for buying domains from brokers, but always be cautious of spammers.

You can find domains with great link juice in auctions. A few auction sites where you can buy great domains are GoDaddy, Dynadot, NameJet, etc. The drawback of auctions is the chance of an increased price of domains because of bidding by the other buyers.

You can buy some domains with good metrics by checking the archive lists of dropped domains. Due to human or metric tool errors, some good link profile domains may get dropped from ordering websites, but these domains can be found in the list archived by some sites for purchase.

Pre-ordering domains that are about to expire and do not pass the pending delete stage within a few days can be done. Most registrars do not renew their domain purposely and will drop it for auction in the auto-renew grace stage. A 30 days forced waiting period will be given for renewing if the domain is not dropped for auction in the prior stage. If the domain is not renewed, then it will be available for auction after five waiting days, when renewing the domain is impossible.

#2. Hosting A PBN

The next stage after purchasing domains is hosting your Private Blog Network. To host all the domains in your PBN without linking with each other to your money site in a safe and footprint-free way, PBN hosting plays a major role. The following are the various ways that are available to perform different kinds of hostings.

  • Cloud hosting
  • Hosting forums
  • VP (Virtual Private) Servers
  • Common web hosts
  1. Cloud Hosting

You can host your Private Blog Network using cloud services, which helps you to access your domains linked with your money site. However, several clouds like Amazon web services S3 with route 53 as well as google clouds are available to set up your PBN, ensuring the hosting is done with zero footprints.

  1. Hosting Forms

If you are thinking of cost-efficiently hosting your PBN and want it done cheaper, then you can look for hosting forums. Many hosting forums, like, provide web hosting at low prices.

  1. VP (Virtual Private) Servers

You can use VPS( Virtual Private Servers) hosting if you are looking for high-quality hosting providers. In VPS hosting, you have the feature of not sharing the IP address of your website with any other websites, and it’s easy to set up with some technical knowledge. But always be cautious and check the provider’s details before buying. Vultr, OVH, and Linode are providers that deliver high-quality hosting’s. Providers like and deliver cheaper hosting for your PBN.

  1. Common Web Hosts

If you want to set up your PBN hosting in a simple way rather than setting and managing a VPS, you can look for common web hosts on the internet. Many web hosts like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and HostGator is available, and these hosts hold a part of your PBN setup. Remember, it can be costlier than other kinds of hosting and a little hard to manage.

#3. Content Strategy

Content is an important factor in terms of website ranking and attracting visitors to your website. Providing high-quality content and posting new content that constantly keeps your website fresh and helps your site rank top in google SERP. Before investing your time and money in the contents of your domain, you need to ensure that your domain does not have any penalties. Therefore, create a single page of content on your site first and follow the below steps to check for penalties in your domain.

1. Penalty Check One

Create a default site in your domain with a single page of content, and if it’s not indexed in the google index and does not appear in the SERP in a couple of weeks, the domain has a penalty. You can wait maximum 4 weeks for your site to index on Google, If not, then move to another domain.

2. Penalty Check Two

After the indexing of your domain, enter the naked link and name of your domain in the search engine and check where it ranks in the SERP. Wait till your naked link rank top in the SERP, and then start posting content and link building in your domain. 

3. Optimising Your Content

Organic traffic from google helps your PBN domain to pass the manual review. Investing quality time-on-page practices in your PBN sites like you perform in your money sites and posting high-quality, relevant content. Also, make sure that you used a low-volume keywords in headlines, page titles, and in the description of your PBN site page results in organic traffic from google.

#4. Backlink Strategy

After completing the two penalty checks, before starting to build backlinks to your website, ensure that you follow these processes. To make sure you place PBN backlinks with high link juice in your money site, create a page similar to your money site and place some backlinks there. You can check which page has more backlinks with high link value, and you can use backlink checker tools like Ahrefs and Majestic and place the link on the page of your money site.


For your money site to rank top in the Google SERP, you have to follow cost-effective link building strategies to achieve the best results within a short time. Building Private Blog Network with great expired domains which do not correlate with each other and have different IP addresses with zero footprint plays a crucial role in on-page SEO. You will obtain quality backlinks with high link juice from authoritative sites and niche relevant in a faster way using PBN. From this article, you can understand what exactly a Private Blog Network is and what are the essential points you should know when you want to build your own PBN site. This article will provide you the details of how and where you can buy expired domains to build PBN effectively.