Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for enhancing the quality and quantity of organic traffic from search engines to your website. By increasing the ranking position of your site in search engines, you should make it easily findable to users. SEO includes approaches to improve the relevancy and popularity of your web. Links in your website are the essential factors that determine the authority of it. Your site is considered insignificant if it does not have an adequate number of links. You can gain high authority in your niche if you have many links on your site. As a result, your website will achieve top website ranking in google SERP. Thus, link building is one of the essential and quickest strategies of SEO.

What is meant by link building, and how can you perform it effectively? How to identify the best links for your website? In this article, let’s see the detailed answer to these queries.

What Is Defined By Link Building?

Link building is the process of obtaining links from other sites to the pages of your website. You need  to build powerful backlinks for gaining credibility from the google search engine in your website. The authority and relevance of your site increase its natural traffic and website ranking in SERP among your competitors. 

Significance Of Link Building 

Links are one of the essential elements to rank your website on the search engine result page. You need links in your site to rank it higher in google searches. Backlinks acquired from other websites are considered as indicating factors by many search engines like google. They allocate your site’s ranking position based on these indicating factors. Therefore, you can top your site on the search result page by having plenty of backlinks on it. 

How To Perform Link Building?

Backlinks are the primary credibility factor considered by google search engine. To increase the authority of your site in the niche, building links with zero penalties from google is essential. There are specific ways to perform effective link building on your website. They are,

1. By Adding Backlinks

You can add links to your site if you can enter and manually place your link to a site that does not associate with you. A few methods that are followed to add links are:

  • Posting links in communities, forums, and Q&A websites
  • Submitting on Business directories
  • Job search listings creation
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Creating a social profile

You can list your website in the main directory sites of your niche to get some visitors from there. Join and be active in communities or forums where your target audience gathers. Post your site’s link during conversations, but ensure you do not spam the links in the comments. This link building method is comparatively easy to perform and takes less time. But adding links by easily entering a website and placing the links doesn’t have much competitive advantage. Your competitors can also perform this strategy of link building. Thus Google may not view these links as more valuable for authoritative factors. 

2. By Asking For Backlinks

In this method, you reach out to the owner of your desired website, from where you want a link. You have to give them a sufficient reason to provide a backlink to your site. These owners do not affiliate with your site in any way to promote it. So you must reach them with beneficiary offers for their site in return for a backlink. Let us see some outreach techniques for successfully obtaining the links from other sites,

  • Link Exchange – You can offer a backlink to them in return for a link to your website. 
  • Guest Blogging – You can offer to write a blog article or piece of content for their website to get a backlink in return.
  • Broken Link Building – For a backlink, you can provide a replacement for their broken links or page and help them by fixing it. 
  • Guestographic – You can let them use your infographic design in return for a backlink, as you both belong to the same niche. 

You can reach the owners via email for requesting the backlinks to your site. This method is time-consuming as the chances of your request getting accepted are not always assured. The chance of acceptance is high when you have high-quality resources, or your website is popular in the niche. You have to pursue reaching many desired website owners while following this method of link building.

3. By Purchasing Backlinks

The most time-saving method to perform link building is by purchasing the links. On the internet, you can find a trustable link building agency to purchase good quality backlinks for your site. Consequently, you can save a lot of time in link building and rank your website higher in google ranking. 

4. By Earning Backlinks

You can earn links when owners willingly link your website to their sites. You can earn backlinks from other websites without reaching them if you have excellent sources on your site. Increasing your site’s visibility is essential so that other site owners can find it for link building. Thus you must promote your website well to increase the chance of getting backlinks. 

You must protect the earned links to maintain your site’s authority in google. You should consistently monitor the backlinks to check if it is linked correctly or lost somehow. And if you find a vital link missing, reach out to the respective owner of the link. You can use the best by links report to find 404 pages with good backlinks and fix them instantly. 

How To Identify A Quality Backlink?

For effective link building, you need high-quality backlinks for your site. Ensure you select links with a good backlink profile for boosting the google website ranking of your site. You can determine the value of a link by checking some of the characteristics, they are:

  • Relevancy of the link
  • Authority of the link
  • Anchor text
  • Destination
  • No follow vs follow link
  • Placement of the link

1. Relevancy Of The Link

For your website to rank higher in google site ranking among your competitors, a link relevant to your niche is needed. You should obtain backlinks from websites that are relevant to your site’s field. Link building, which is performed from sites of your niche, holds more value in website ranking. 

Backlinks from irrelevant sites may reduce the value of your site in google crawler’s eyes. So make sure to check the relevancy of a link before adding it to your website.

2. Authority Of The Link:

Links are a significant element of website ranking in search engine results. You need links from authoritative sites to achieve top google ranking on your site. Backlinks from these sites pass high link juice to your website. As a result, the reliability and relevance of your site will increase in google. If you have high authority backlinks on your website, you can gain google’s trust easily. You can use tools like Ahrefs or MOZ to check the domain authority and page authority of the link’s website. 

3. Anchor Text:

What is anchor text? Anchor texts are the clickable text of a link that takes you to another site or web page. It tells the readers a brief description of the page or site linked to it. Anchor text helps Google to know about the linked page well, which affects the site’s ranking in SERP. So it’s essential to look into the anchor texts of the backlinks for better google website ranking of your site.

4. Destination:

During link building, deciding the destination of the backlinks on your site is very important. You can decide based on which page on your site you want to rank higher in the google search engine. You can point the backlinks to three destinations of your website, they are:

  • Homepage of your site
  • Your linkable assets
  • The targeted pages that you need to rank well in Google

5. Follow Vs No Follow Link

You have to verify whether the backlinks are followed or no follow links before using them on your website. No follow links stop the google crawlers from passing the link authority to your site, and the attribute value of these links is rel=”nofollow”. These links do not possess any link value and do not influence the website ranking. So to boost your site’s google search ranking, it should have the following links in it. Follow links allow the website crawlers to scan your site and help to place it on top in SERP. 

6. Placement Of The Link:

Click Through Rate(CTR) determines the percentage of visitors clicking your website on the google search result page. To gain a high CTR, the placement of backlinks on the site is very crucial. Placing links in the sidebar, footer or contents affects the clicks rate. Generally, links placed in the content block or at the beginning of the article gain more attention from visitors and increase the CTR.


Link building is the quickest way for a successful search engine optimization of your website. You can use the best link building techniques to achieve top SEO ranking on your site using high-quality links . Keep the key insights that are mentioned in the above article in mind while choosing the best backlink for your site. You can obtain these links by following any of the strategies discussed in the above article. Always verify the business directories before listing your site on them while obtaining backlinks. Choose the destination of your backlink wisely based on the page where you want to achieve your target. Links from highly authoritative and relevant sites can drastically increase your website’s value. It makes your website more trustworthy among your niche’s competitors. Thus, you can boost your site’s google SERP rank in your niche. Appearing on top of the google search engine helps to bring more organic traffic to your site.