In this competitive world, every business owner tries to rank their website at the top page of Google search engine. There are many online tools that help to create high-quality content and backlinks to increase the page ranking of your website. A private blog network, it is one the most incredible SEO strategies for ranking websites on Google SERP with more powerful backlinks. The main reason for using a private blog network is that any SEO campaign that uses PBN backlinks will get a higher ranking, especially the highly competitive keywords can also get a better ranking with the perfect SEO strategy. 

If you are a beginner in SEO, PBN is a collection of high-authority websites, and it is usually an expired domain with good quality backlinks. Only the site owner has complete control to manage all these PBN networks and helps to enhance the backlink profile of your money site. Moreover, the money making website will have the ability to publish quality content with target links in all these PBN websites without any restriction in using target links, keywords, and niches. 

A private blog network is a key strategy for Google ranking, but it is a kind of black hat SEO and Google deindexes a lot of PBN sites regularly. However, PBN is a slight risk, but you will gain more income if you run an effective PBN campaign with well defined rules. 

You should get an instant ranking with quality backlinks among the competitors in your industry. Do you have the perfect strategy in your mind to achieve better results? If not, don’t miss reading this article till the end; here you can find valuable information about SEO with the PBN network and how to create an effective PBN campaign for your business, choose the best domain and hosting, how to monitor websites, and create top quality content for building authority backlinks. All these strategies will implement the future of SEO. 

Let’s get more details!

SEO With Powerful PBN Backlinks:

In all industries, competitors will try to compete with your business. The digital world is growing every day, you have to concentrate on developing your brand among larger audiences without spending a huge amount of time and money. However, a private blog network is the one and only cost effective SEO strategy to get maximum results in a minimum time period. Do you know why you should use a private blog network for SEO ranking? Here are some benefits of using the PBN network for your business website:

1. Get Instant Authority:

By building backlinks from high DA PBN sites, you can leverage the authority of your money site. If you manage a private blog network campaign yourself, you have the power to create backlinks from the most reputable and well structured PBN websites. As a result, you will get more presence on the internet for a long time. 

Therefore, authority is an essential factor of SEO to make your website trustworthy on Google SERP. Building backlinks from credible sources will give you chances to increase your website authority.

2. You Have More Control

Compared to other link building techniques, private blog networks give more control to the site owners to manage their SEO campaigns. You can change the target link and anchor text of the content at any time as per your website needs. When you are penalized by the Google search engine, you can remove the bad links from unauthorized PBN sites to revoke the penalty.


3. No Outreach is Required

When you do guest blogging on your website, you should spend more time to outreach the blog owner and getting approval to post content on their website. Some blog owners give you nofollow links to your website that will not pass link juice to your website. But you can easily build high DA dofollow backlinks to your website by using a private blog network. 

Dropped Domains In PBN:

Dropped domain or expired domain is a domain name if the site owner has not used that domain for a long time or simply the admin forgets to renew the domain. This type of domain is called a dropped domain, and someone can register this domain as new.

Sometimes, the dropped domain is more valuable because the domain includes high-quality backlinks. A website with huge backlinks will be highly beneficial for your PBN network. Moreover, the backlinks should meet the basic requirements, and they should be high quality to influence the power of your network. 

How To Find The Perfect Domain For Your PBN Campaign?

Looking for a perfect domain is an important step in your PBN campaign. A few years later, there were only a limited number of tools available in the market to check the domain metrics. Now, you can get various tools that can give you in-depth information about the domains within a second. All you need to do is pick trustworthy tools to purchase quality domains for your PBN network. Here are some tools that help you to find domains for the PBN network:

  • WhoIs – Where you can find details about the domain registration date, expiry date, nameserver information of the domain, registrant, and contact information.
  • DomCop – By using this tool, you can find a list of expired domains with their metrics. You can also use the filter and sort options to refine your search. 
  • SERPDrive – This tool displays the high quality domains and suggests the best pricing. Users should pay for a single crawl and get details about all the domains.
  • PBN HQ – This tool provides information about the domain with sufficient metrics and spam check results. 
  • Domain Ronin – Ronin helps to know the metrics of your PBN domains. 

Link Profile Analysis:

Once you find suitable domains for your PBN network, it is important to do domain validation. Google frequently crawls every domain and penalizes the domains that one is against in Google guidelines. So you should do the link profile analysis for every PBN domain before purchase, which links need to be removed, and which will help your first page Google ranking. Here are some tips for analyzing your PBN domains link profile:

  • Domain Name – Your PBN domain should be manipulated instead of subdomains. Google has the ability to expose your domain to avoid fraud. 
  • Hosting – A good web host will increase the site’s load speed and get a better ranking and huge traffic on Google. So, hosting your PBN network is more important to avoid deindexing problems on Google. 
  • URL Structure – The next thing you have to monitor in the link profile analysis is the URL structure. URL provides the most reliable information to navigate link farms. Error 404 and 500 show that readers can’t view your content. So, it is better to remove those links to enhance your website’s performance.
  • Anchor Text – Anchor text plays an important role in SEO, and it should be keyword rich as well as branded anchor. 
  • Backlinks – You should check the backlinks of all the domains that are relevant to the website niche. For example, a travel blog website should link to other travel blog websites, but not a health niche blog. 

How To Buy PBN Domains?

Buying PBN domains is a simple process. If you are a beginner, you can follow these steps to purchase a perfect PBN domain for your campaign. 

  • Find the expired domains according to the above instructions
  • Choose the trusted website that sells domains
  • Create an account on that website
  • Pay for the domain with sufficient information
  • Gain a new website for your PBN campaign

While purchasing a domain, keep in mind that you must completely analyze the domain with reliable and transparent history and a clean link profile. If you add a high quality website that satisfies all the basic requirements, you can build a strong private blog network to your money site. 

Here are some trustworthy websites to purchase PBN domains:

  • Hostwinds – Hostwinds is a user-friendly domain registrar website with amazing customer support through live chat and phone call assistance. You can get all the information on this website, such as domain cost, purchasing process, and renewal procedure.
  • Godaddy – You can get all the domain names on this platform at an affordable cost. Here, you can just sign up -> enter the domain name in the search bar -> make a purchase when the domain is available. 
  • SnapNames – This is an amazing marketplace to buy a PBN domain name for your network. The best feature of this platform is that you can filter the pending deleted domains. Buying PBN domains from different registrars helps to keep your PBN network safe.

How To Buy PBN Hosting?

After purchasing PBN domains, you should find the best web hosting service to host all the domains with unique IP addresses. There are different types of hosting services available online, and you should pick the best one that fits the PBN network. 

  • Dedicated Hosting – Dedicated hosting is a single business hosting service where the business owner has complete control to access the network, and they can optimize it as per the unique requirements. 
  • Web Hosting – Web hosting is a place where you can host and manage all the websites. It is one of the best hosting options for PBN networks. 
  • Shared Hosting – When you run a PBN website, shared hosting is the best option, which is cheap and easy maintenance. 
  • VPS Hosting – VPS hosting is the best hosting service, but it requires some technical skills, and you need to spend more money on this hosting. C-class IPs are best for PBN blog networks and require additional payment. 

How To Create Quality Content For Your PBN Network? 

Content on your PBN network builds more trust, and it empowers your money site’s ranking position. It is essential to make your PBN network look as credible as possible. Before creating backlinks to your money site, you have to publish 2 to 3 high quality content on your PBN websites, which makes your website look natural and authoritative. Here are four different types of blog post ideas. You can pick any of them to your PBN network:

  1. Web article – This type of content encourages readers to visit your website regularly. You should add more than 1000 words of content in the web article with SEO-optimized keywords. 
  1. Introduction post – You can add general information about your website with quality images and videos.
  1. Video Post – Generally, video clips quickly attract audiences than texts and images. YOu can make a video clip that is dedicated to a certain topic with a catchy title and video description. 
  1. Infographics – This is a collection of images and data visualizations, such as bar graphs and pie charts, that implies an easy-to-understand topic representation. 


A private blog network is a proven SEO link-building strategy that gives you a good ROI and saves time and effort to achieve greater results than other link-building techniques. When you understand how to build a powerful PBN campaign and monitor all the issues and challenges, you can achieve stronger results for your money sites and keep your website more authoritative. Patience is key, follow the best strategies to reach the desired goals within a short time.