Are you looking for the most efficient way to rank your website at the top page of Google? 

Link building is the best off-page SEO strategy to win a better ranking on SERP. There are various types of link building strategies utilized by SEO professionals. One simple method to build more backlinks to your website is using PBN networks. For SEO beginners, PBN links are really an amazing technique to rapidly build a massive number of backlinks to your website. 

The primary goal of a PBN network is to make high authority websites with unique domain names that help money making websites get higher website ranks on Google with quality PBN backlinks. 

Generally, the PBN network consists of a group of expired domains with excellent backlink profiles. A set of authority, relevant, and natural links are pointing to the PBN domains. These quality links on PBN will pass authority to your money site, which will help to get a better rank in search engines. 

If you are planning to set up a PBN campaign for your money site, read this actionable guide to understand how to plan for a PBN campaign, set up a PBN network, and host and optimize your PBN network. 

Let’s get detailed! 

Plan Your PBN Network Campaign:

Setting clear goals and having a perfect plan in your mind is important to reach incredible success in your industry. Building an efficient PBN network requires time and investment, so you should plan correctly before creating a PBN campaign. Here are 4 valuable tips for planning an effective private blog network setup:

1. Decide How Many PBN Links You Need?

Based on the number of money sites you are targeting, you can select the PBN links count. For instance, whether you choose a small network of powerful domains or a large network of weak domains. All these are based on your niche. According to the data, approximately 10 PBN links can help you to get a better ranking for medium competition keywords. 

If you want PBN links for a single high authority website, it is enough to build a small amount of high-quality PBN domains. However, if you are running a small and multiple client website, you need huge domains to get sufficient benefit from the PBN network.  

2. Plan Your Budget

When it comes to PBN costs, you need to spend money on domains, hosting, and content. 

PBN Domain Cost:

The cost range of each PBN domain is between $80 to $500. As a new user, you can spend up to $100 per PBN domain. If you go for more expensive domains, you will get a better experience in the Google ranking. 

PBN Hosting Cost:

There are multiple PBN hosting providers online that provide the best hosting packages for a single domain to multiple domains. The cost of PBN hosting ranges from $1 to $25 per domain. You should choose the best PBN hosting providers for your private blog network websites.

Cost For PBN Content:

To make your PBN sites more authoritative and credible, you must publish high-quality and valuable content. You can write PBN content yourself or hire SEO writers to provide quality content to your money site with the appropriate keywords. Usually, you can spend up to $5 to $10 for a 500-word article. 

Therefore, you have to spend around $1000 to $1500 to build a PBN network with 10 domains. 

3. Make A Structure 

Before structuring your PBN network, you should verify whether you manage single or multiple money sites in the same or different niches. If your money sites are all in the same niche, you can build up to 1 to 2 PBN networks and link your money site from these sites with valuable content.

However, if you have multiple money sites in a different niche, you should create a master PBN network with the niches your money site targets. Then, you can get links from these master PBN domains to your money site. 

4. Total Time Period

Building a powerful PBN network is not an instant SEO strategy. If you want to create a footprint-free PBN campaign, you need patience to avoid the Google penalty. You should make a plan for every step of your PBN setup. 

  1. After purchasing PBN domains, you should wait up to 5 to 7 days for domain registration. 
  2. Wait for two weeks after the domain registration to check whether the domain is indexed or not on Google. 
  3. Then add quality content with your target keyword slowly. For example, a maximum of one article per week. 
  4. Once a domain has been indexed on Google for 30 days, you can start adding links to your money site. 
  5. If you are adding backlinks to multiple PBN sites, wait at least 3-5 days between adding them.

Best Tips To Set Up A Powerful PBN Network For SEO:

Find Expired Domains

Here are some simple steps to purchase expired or expiring domains for your PBN network:

  1. Buy PBN domains from brokers – It is one of the simplest and best methods for beginners to build an effective PBN campaign. In this way, the brokers check all the domain metrics, such as DA PA value, spam score, redirects, backlinks, and registrar history, which helps to save your time and effort. 
  1. Utilize Domain Auction site – There are many websites that sell expired PBN domains with complete checks that are worth buying confidently. For example, SnapName, NameJet, and Godaddy are some of the popular domain auction websites where you can find authority domains for the best price. 
  1. Find Out Archive Dropped Domains – Domain auctions do not always pick up all the quality expiring domains. According to the data, more than 2,00,000 domains were dropped every day. So, there are huge chances to find a quality site in archive lists of dropped domains. 
  1. Make Use Of Expired Domains Crawler – You can use crawlers to find a massive number of expired domains that are available to register. If you build a large PBN network, you can use these expired domain crawlers to know the complete metrics of the domain, total pages, broken links, availability, and more. For example, DomCop, Domianhunrtergather, pbnlab, etc.

Filter A Good PBN Domain

Do you wonder how to identify a good PBN domain for your website? 

A good and quality PBN domain contains spam-free and high DA backlinks that are relevant to the niche of your money sites. Also, backlink quality describes the entire value of the domain. Here are a few tips to figure out the good quality PBN domain for your website:

  • Check the value and niche of PBN domains by using premium SEO tools like Moz and Majestic. Ahrefs and more. 
  • If a website is a high DA PA DR UR and TF CT value and less spam score, it is better to use. Also, the quality and relevancy of the backlinks are important to check. 
  • Before purchasing a PBN domain, a manual check is essential. Review the registrar history, redirects of the domain, backlink profile, and so on. 
  • Check Wayback Machine and WhoIs to view the older version of a website, content that no longer exists on the web, and more. 
  • Check the indeed status of the domain by simply searching the site: domain name on Google.

Set Up Your PBN Network

To show all your PBN websites on Google, you need the best PBN hosting to set up all your PBN websites. There are several hosting providers offering different PBN hosting features. You should find the best and footprint free PBN hosting provider to spread your website across Google users. Make sure the hosting provides a unique IP address for your PBN network. 

Choose the fastest PBN hosting services and add attractive WordPress themes to your website that make your PBN site more engaging and allow Google to crawl and index on Google. 

PBN Content Strategy

Once PBN hosting is completed, you can increase the authority of a private blog network with high-quality content before starting to create PBN backlinks to your money site. Then wait for a few weeks and track the indexing status of your post before adding more pages of content to your PBN sites. Also, track the ranking position of the domain’s naked URL. 

Once the PBN domains are indexed, you can start to create and post high quality SEO content with the perfect keywords that are relevant to your money site. With your PBN network, try to rank low-volume keywords and place that keyword in the title, description, URL, heading, and body of the content.

Make sure your content is more valuable, grammar and plagiarism free content. Posting content regularly with a minimum word count of 500 to 1000 words. It is one of the best strategies to make your website real and authentic. Moreover, you should add high quality images and videos in between the article and add a branded logo in all the PBN domains. 

PBN Backlinks Strategy

When you start to build a backlinking strategy for your money site, the target URL and anchor text play an essential role in the overall backlink strategy. The target URL will take users to your money site, and it is based on which page you want to rank on Google by using PBN links. If more links point to a particular page, the more attention it will gain from the Google search engine results page. 

Anchor text is one of the most important linking strategies that must be natural and relevant. If you add more exact match anchor text in every PBN link, it is considered an over-optimization, and Google will penalize your website. So you should analyze the target keywords and add an equal ratio of anchor text in your PBN content. Here are a few tips to add effective anchor text to your PBN post:

  • 70% – Branded Anchor text
  • 15% – URL links
  • 10% – Generic Anchor text
  • 4% – Partial Match anchor text
  • 1% – Exact match Anchor text


Setting up a powerful PBN network is a highly cost-effective SEO link building strategy. With a private blog network campaign, you can generate reliable backlinks to your website and achieve great results in Google SERP ranking. Compared to other link-building techniques, you can quickly get top page ranking if you build a PBN network with the proper tactics. One more advantage of PBN backlinks is that you can change your anchor text and target URL at any time. Hence, PBN is one of the fastest link-building techniques to gain real and organic backlinks to your website with the proper content strategy.