Do you want to rank your website among your niche competitors on Search Engine Result Pages? Are you looking for cost and time-efficient ways for website ranking? Want to find the best strategy in search engine optimization to gain organic traffic on your site?

The best solution for all your queries is building a Private Blog Network. Link building is the fastest way to rank your website on the SERP top. Through PBN, you can acquire more good quality backlinks with high domain authority quickly. PBN network is a collection of domains that are linked to your money site. The link juice passing from PBN domains to your money site helps it to rank higher in site ranking. 

Now in this article, let’s learn how to build an efficient PBN campaign and all the factors you should consider while creating. And how to maintain your PBN network and sustain it effectively for successfully ranking your money site on top in SERP.

Impact Of PBN On SEO

High-quality backlinks in your money site highly increase its domain authority and rank among the competitors of your niche. PBN Network helps you perform excellent link building on your site, as it contains a group of expired domains with many good link value backlinks. Obtaining quality incoming links from relevant sites is the most challenging task in SEO. PBN makes it easy for you to gain good backlinks from authoritative websites, which helps you to raise your promoted site’s credibility in google. It passes a high link authority from its domains to your money site. 

If you want to avoid your domains getting any penalties from google, building a zero footprint PBN network is essential. You should ensure each domain in your PBN campaign is not linked together to ensure google that the sites are authoritative. 

Benefits Of Having a Private Blog Network

PBN network provides you complete control over the incoming links for your promoted site. You can decide on which page you want the backlinks to, how many of them you want to link to your site and when you want to use them. And you can decide where to have the anchor text for your contents.

Without PBN, you have to perform multiple outreach approaches to obtain inbound links to your money site. Outreach ways like emailing the authoritative sites of your niche for backlinks or guest blogging etc. take a lot of time. If you have a domain from a rare niche, it’s difficult to acquire more good quality incoming links from relevant sites of that niche. Using a private blog network, you can get a huge amount of PBN backlinks for SERP booster in the most time-efficient way. Also, buying links from providers on the internet for your website can sometimes be expensive. But through PBN, you can get good link profile backlinks more cheaply.

How To Plan a PBN Successfully?

To maintain and sustain your money site on top in SERP ranking, you need to build a powerful PBN backlinks from high DA PBN sites. By planning and creating your PBN campaign perfectly, you can successfully achieve the targeted rank of your money site. How to make full use of your money and time in PBN? What are the strategies needed to build an effective PBN? Let’s see,

Planning the structure of PBN

You have to plan the structure of your PBN network based on your promoted site and niche. It can vary if you want to manage one or many sites that have the same niche or money sites of different niches. 

For Single Or Multiple Money Sites Of the Same Niche:

You can build one PBN campaign with domains that fall under the same type of contents. Make sure these PBN domains are unique and not depend on each other and link them to your money site(s).

For Multiple Money Sites Of Different Niches:

For the specific high-level niches where you targeted your money site to rank higher, create dedicated primary PBN networks. Then you should form a link between each of these primary networks to your site. You can link any primary network to your money site in most general niches.

Planning The Number Of PBN Links Needed

Are you wondering about the number of backlinks needed in your PBN network? There is no limit of having backlinks in your PBN domains to rank it higher in website ranking. But it is preferred to have high-quality backlinks rather than a more significant number of low-quality PBN links. To gain high credibility for your domains from the google search engine algorithm, excellent quality backlinks are essential. To rank medium-level competitive keywords, you can have around 10 or more PBN backlinks on your site. You should increase the number of incoming links in the PBN network if you manage multiple money sites.

Planning The Time For Building A PBN

You have to invest time to build a zero footprint PBN campaign. You may get penalties in your PBN domains from google because of footprints. So take your time in planning and building your Private Blog Network efficiently. Follow the steps below to plan your timeline to build a PBN :

  • Step 1:

You can take several days to purchase and register your PBN domains. But some brokers may give you a particular time to register your bought domains, so plan according to it.

  • Step 2:

After registering your PBN domains, you must check if it is indexed in the google search engine. You can wait at least 2 weeks to see if your domain is indexed. And make sure your PBN sites are ranked when you search its naked URL within a couple of weeks. 

  • Step 3:

You should begin to add backlinks to your PBN domains after a few days of indexing. Have a gap of at least 3 to 5 days while adding new good link profile backlinks to your PBN network. 

  • Step 4:

You should update quality contents consistently in your PBN sites to attract google bots. Don’t spam your site with contents; posting once per week is enough.

Planning The Cost

Cost Of PBN Domains:

For building a strong PBN network, each domain may cost between 80 to 500 dollars. You can spend around 100 dollars approximately to build a PBN campaign for the first time. After gaining enough experience and knowledge, you can increase your investment in purchasing PBN domains.

Cost of contents:

For Google to consider your PBN domains as a natural and relevant site, you need to keep the site fresh. You have to post high-quality content on your PBN sites to keep them active and to maintain their freshness. Good Contents are necessary to increase your site’s relevance and credibility. It would cost around $5 to $10 per article with at least 500 words in it. Ensure the content quality is high and relevant to your niche.

How To Choose The Best Domains For Your PBN?

The efficiency of your PBN network is based on the quality of the backlinks linked in its domains. To make good use of your investment in building a PBN, you should choose good domains for it.

If your PBN domains have backlinks from unrelated sites or broken links, it affects your site authority. Website crawlers will analyse these links and may devalue them as they identify the links are not related to your niche or not working. Thus finding PBN domains with powerful backlinks that pass great link value from authoritative sites is essential. Before buying, you need to make sure that the domain does not have any spammy links or contents. Check whether the domains are indexed in the google search engine index. 

For purchasing the best domains for your PBN campaign, check the below conditions:

  • Factors like backlink profile, link juice, domain authority and page authority will help you to recognize good PBN domains. Using specific tools like Ahrefs or Moz, you can find the quality of domains in your niche. To get a detailed view of the value of domains, you can use Majestic Trust Flow Category. The domain is preferred if it has a page authority score above 20. The domain authority, trust flow and citation flow score should be above 15. The domain is considered trustworthy in the Majestic tool if the ratio between trust flow and citation flow is one or above. 
  • You should evaluate each backlink manually and reject the domains with spammed and redirected links.
  • The percentage of exact match anchor text in the domain should be below 15 to make it look natural.
  • Examine the history of the domain and the usage of backlinks in it. Buy domains only from trustworthy registrars. Check whether the domain looks natural; otherwise, Google will reduce your money site’s value.

Keep these strategies in your mind while planning and building your PBN network.

Quality link building is an efficient way in SEO strategy for website ranking. A well-planned PBN campaign can increase the rate of link building on your money site. Zero footprint hosting of a PBN helps you to gain Google’s trust. As a result, the authority of your money site in your niche increases. By building and hosting the PBN network effectively, you can top your money site on the search engine results page.