One of the crucial strategies of search engine optimization is link building. You need to have a strong backlink profile on your website to increase its online visibility. High-quality backlinks pass impressive link authority to your site. The authority of your site influences your position in Google SERP ranking. It drives more organic traffic to your domain and achieves colossal revenue. 

Backlinks bring visitors to your site when users click the link and make your website appear on top of the search result page. With the increasing competition in online stores and services, you need some potential way to gather more incoming links. Outreach is a brilliant way to execute link building on your site. Implementing effective outreach techniques to obtain backlinks is time and work-intensive. In this article, let us discuss what is meant by link building outreach. And what are the outreach tactics that can be used to acquire quality backlinks?

Link Building Outreach

The process of reaching other trustable websites to request a backlink directing to your site is referred to as link building outreach. You should outreach the sites with compelling reasons and offer services that can be valuable to their site or business to get the best results. Following are the offers you could provide in return for a backlink.

  • You can create content for their site to grow the business.
  • Help them to fix some issues to gain more authority.
  • Provide advice that can be useful to boost their site’s google ranking.
  • Tell them unique information which can add some value to their website.

Approach only relevant sites of your niche for link building since the quality of inbound links is vital. It is preferred to have less number of high-value backlinks rather than more low-quality links.

Advantages Of Link Building Outreach

  • Outreach methods increase the Google SERP ranking of your website.
  • To achieve more organic and referral traffic on your site.
  • You can enhance your brand awareness among many people.
  • Through outreach, you can boost the sales of your products.
  • More potential prospects for link building can be found.

Outreach Link Building Techniques

By using outreach methods, you can gain more link building opportunities on your site. Some of the typical link building tactics are:

1. Moving Man Strategy

2. Skyscraper Strategy

3. Guest Posting Strategy

4. Digital PR Strategy

Now let’s see the detailed explanation of these outreach methods.

1. Moving Man Strategy

In the Moving Man technique, you reach websites with links pointing to obsolete content and ask them to replace it with backlinks to your recent content. To achieve this, you must search for outdated backlinks on articles or blogs related to your website’s niche. Locate the sites pointed by these links and check whether they have good link profiles. Using the Moving Man method you can acquire niche-relevant high-quality backlinks in a work-efficient way. 

Step 1: Find Outdated Content

First, you have to locate inactive and obsolete websites on the internet. Due to several reasons backlinks may get outdated, they are:

  • Improper maintenance of the source
  • Rebranding of the linked site
  • Service discontinued
  • Offerings for links expired
  • Shifted to new URLs

You can search these sources using the following strings on the google search engine:

  • “Page no longer exists” ( article heading or niche keyword)
  • “service not available” ( article heading or niche keyword)
  • “this page is no longer updated” ( article heading or niche keyword)
  • “We have moved” ( article heading or niche keyword)
  • “this website is no longer updated” ( article heading or niche keyword)

Step 2: Locate The Linked Sites

After finding the resources of obsolete links, make a list of them. Now to locate the websites linking back to them, you can use Backlink Analytics Tool. 

Step 3: Update Or Create New Content

In this step, you have to enhance the quality of your site’s content to make them unique among others. You can update an article to add more value or create new content with essential information. Design the content on your website to make it more engaging. 

Step 4: Reach The Website Owners

You have to reach the sites with inbound links of outdated content and ask them to link back to your updated content. Using various link-building tools, you can reach the domain owners for link building. These tools enable you to send emails requesting backlinks for your site. The tools gather contact details of the targeted websites and let you enter them manually. They also help in monitoring the progress of your outreach. Using link building tools, you can maintain multiple businesses as it has a simple user interface.

2. Skyscraper Technique

In the Skyscraper approach, you must find content based on your niche that attracts more link building sites and begin to create high-quality content based on the same topic. Then you have to outreach the sites to promote your content. Make them link back to your site instead of others with convincing reasons. Following are the steps involved in the Skyscraper method.

Finding Good Performance Articles

In this step, you have to find sites that are linked back to your niche competitors but not yours. Using the Backlink Gap tool, you can compare your site’s link profile and your competitor’s profile. By entering five websites in the tool, you can see the shared linking sites and unshared referring websites. Using the best filter, you can find unshared linking domains between you and your competitor. Take the resulting sites for performing skyscraper approaches. 

Also, you can search popular articles on your niche and locate the linked websites for more link building opportunities. Paste the URL of the article in the Backlink Analytics tool to find its pointing sites for backlink outreach.

Create Updated Content

Write great articles on these high-performing contents with the latest info to make the prospects choose your site for link building among the competitors. You can also edit your existing articles to increase their quality. 

Reach Out To Websites

You can use Link Building tools to request and accumulate a backlink effectively. These tools simplify your outreach process and allow you to send multiple emails. The tool offers various features like scheduled emails, a backlink profile analysis tool, a website tracker etc., to make link building easier for its users. 

3. Guest Posting Strategy

Backlinks are a significant component for boosting your domain’s google site ranking. You need to outreach reliable websites for link building to increase your website ranking in the search engine results page. To achieve this, you can offer to write guest blogs for other relevant sites in return for an incoming link. This technique is known as guest posting or guest blogging. 

Reach authoritative sites of your niche and request them for a featured article on their website. You can insert the inbound links for your site within the blog. 

  • Detect Niche-Relevant Sites

For guest posting, you have to find websites with high authority in your niche which have guest blogs on their site. You can search these blog sites using terms like “guest author or guest post” along with your keyword in google. 

While choosing blog websites, verify their relevance by specific metrics like link profile, spam score, Domain Authority score, etc. You can use specific analysing tools to check the site’s traffic before selecting it for link building.

  • Asking A Guest Blog

Contact the blog site owners to request a guest blog to gain a backlink in return. You need to reach them with beneficiary reasons for both sites to convince them to guest post. It is preferred if you reach out to them with a written article so they can review it.

  • Provide Article With Backlinks

You have to create an impressive guest post with accurate information that can be valuable for the prospects. Ensure the article is highly engaging and you place the inbound links and anchor texts for your website inside. 

4. Digital PR Strategy

One of the long-term link building outreach tactics is Digital Public Relations (PR). It is used to enhance your brand awareness in the digital world. This technique allows you to create exclusive PR content about your business and helps marketing. Through this, you can extend the connection with journalists related to your niche and find more trustworthy sites for link building.

The strategies involved in Digital Public Relations are:

  • Guest blogging 
  • Popularising your website in press releases 
  • Unlinked brand mentions
  • Listing your site in directories

1. Creative Thinking

To increase the popularity of your site, you need to come up with different ideas related to your niche. You have to create unique digital PR content about your brand and its events and accomplishments to post on social media. Include links to your website or particular pages of it in the contents. 

2. Outreach List Of Influencers And Journalists

You must search and create a list of influencers and journalists in your niche for outreach. Reach the potential influencers on various social media like Facebook and Instagram for link building. You can approach your field-related journalists to include backlinks in their articles. 

3. Send Your Ideas

In the last step, you have to pitch your creative ideas to journalists or influencers on the list. Try to build a long-term relationship with them and provide only truthful and accurate information.


Websites appearing at the top of search engine results gain more attention from users. If you own a new website, choosing a niche-related brand name and the best web hosting service for your website is essential to sustain your site’s performance. Users can access your site only if you host your domain on a server properly. After hosting, to rank your website on top of the google SERP, you need to carry out a link building process. You can quality backlinks using outreach methods in a faster way. 

Creativity, adaptability, patience, social media knowledge, technical and interpersonal skills, and tenacity are required for a successful outreach approach. To improve the success rate, you need to do proper research to find potential prospects for link building. While reaching them via email, the subject lines must be short and precise to convey the purpose immediately. Send personalized email requests to the sites, influencers or journalists to catch their attention for getting backlinks. Ensure the prospects chosen for link building are relevant to your business to gain high link juice.