To increase your website’s traffic, web ranking is an essential factor. Ranking your website at the top of the search engine result page makes it more visible and approachable for visitors. You can achieve a high ranking on Google SERP if you implement both on-page and off-page SEO. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve a higher rank in your money site is getting backlinks from authoritative sites. Ensure that, all the sites are from your niche, and this link building is an off-page SEO approach.

How can you get more great backlinks? The answer you are looking for is a Private Blog Network. You can obtain good backlinks with high link authority in a huge quantity for your money site by building your own PBN.

Read this article to get complete knowledge and guidance to build a successful PBN for increasing the website ranking. As well as to enhance the traffic of your money site to step up in your niche among other competitors.

Blog Network Vs Private Blog Network

What Is A Blog Network?

The collection of blogs published by bloggers with a common niche among different niches is referred to as a blog network. It’s a public network and can be owned by one or many people, where all the blogs are present on the same server and have the same IP address.

There are several platforms available to build blogs on the blog network. Some of them are

  • HTML
  • Medium
  • Blogger or any blog hosting 
  • WordPress

What Is A Private Blog Network?

The collection of websites to rank your money site higher and fastest with a good backlink profile is called PBN (Private Blog Network). Moreover, to build a effective PBN campaign, usually SEO experts prefer expired domains with a vast number of efficient backlinks with high link juice. Each domain in the Private Blog Network has a unique IP address and niche to avoid any issues, while crawlers scan to get links from each domain to rank your site.

8 Essential Steps To Build A Strong PBN

Waiting for a guide to build a powerful PBN to step up in your niche by ranking your money site top in the search engine result page? By following specific steps and performing perfect implementations, you can set up your own Private Blog Network, which will help your money site rank higher quickly. It gains excellent backlinks from authoritative sites of your niche with high link authority in a more significant number. Here are few valuable steps to build a effective PBN:

1. Buying Great Expired Domains

How To Recognize The Best Expired Domains?

To set up your Private Blog Network, expired domains with excellent link profiles are necessary. Every day, many used domains with good backlinks from authoritative sites expire. You should select the best-expired domain with high-quality inbound links related to your money site niche.

How can you find high quality expired domains? There are some tools which show metrics, like which domain has a high link value passed from the backlinks of its site. You can select the best-expired domains with high link juice using these tools. Some of the tools are Ahrefs and Moz.

Other Factors that are to be noted while choosing good expired domains :

  • Domain authority
  • Website niche
  • Inbound link history
  • Link profile
  • Penalty-free

Where To Buy And Register Expired Domains?

Many expired domains are available to buy from brokers and auctions. Auction sites like Dynadot, NameJet, GoDaddy etc., provide good expired domains with high link value. You may also backorder domains that are about to expire and pass the pending end stage. Be cautious and check the details of the sites before investing your money to buy the domains.

If you want to manage and maintain the safety of your expired domain with a good backlink profile, then you can buy from auctions or brokers. It is essential to register it with trustworthy registrars. Since many scammers and companies provide registration for free or less charge and make you pay more after a while, it’s better to check and register on trusted sites.

2. Safe And Zero Footprint Hosting

To build and host multiple Private Blog Network websites on the same package with zero footprints, you need unique multiple IP hosting. Unlike normal web hosting, with single IP hosting where many footprints will be left. 

There are a few types of hosting packages made on IP class. They are:

  • A class IP hosting
  • B class IP hosting
  • C class IP hosting

Many PBN builders prefer using multiple unique C-class IP hosting, among other hosting packages.

For premium blogs, it is recommended to use A class and B class IP hosting. The safest package will be A class IP hosting since it provides a long-term plan for your premium blogs with different A class IP addresses for each of your expired domains.

3. Best CMS For Private Blog Networks

An application to create, edit and manage all the contents in your website is referred to as CMS(Control Management System). Several CMS software like WordPress, Magneto, MODX etc., are available to create and edit the content for your websites. Therefore, you have to choose the best CMS which can be controlled and managed easily and is less time consuming with great results.

A highly recommended software for CMS is WordPress CMS, and it’s very user-friendly and time-saving software. It also has features like free themes and plugins, which help your content stand out from other content.

4. Footprint Less Blog Building

For on-page SEO, unique quality content well-written according to your niche is very important. Contents you post on your site are major factors of your website ranking, and how you create and structure these contents can also be a reason for leaving footprints in your PBN domains, like you getting footprints during hosting.

Using content copied from other blogs or publishing irrelevant content on your site affects your website ranking and may result in getting a penalty from google. Duplicating content will make it difficult for the crawlers to find your domain relevance, so avoid it while creating content. One of the best strategies for avoiding footprints is using different themes and publishing unique content. Create and post content on your website by having these points in your mind for better results

5. Keep Your PBN Natural

Build your PBN sites in the same way you do for your money site, and post quality and relevant blogs in your Private Blog Network campaign to attract more visitors, which gains organic traffic. Make it a publicly available site on the internet for everyone to read your content which matches their intent of searching. This helps you to gain the trust of Google and helps to keep your PBN as a natural quality site, not as a site only for link building purposes.

6. Indexing And Structure Planning

Indexing is the most essential process during Private Blog Network building. Without your site being indexed in google, your site won’t be visible in SERP, and you cannot achieve website ranking. So make sure your PBN domains are index on Google.

Planning the structure of your PBN blogs linked to your money site is very important to attract visitors and show its linking processes are happening naturally. The structure of your PBN blog should be user-friendly, with a clear menu and add pages so that readers can easily understand how to navigate to other pages on your website. 

7. Updating Contents Consistently

Maintaining the freshness of your PBN sites is an essential way to prove to google that it’s not artificial or inactive. To keep your Private Blog Network fresh, post content consistently. But only post relevant quality content on your site and avoid spamming with irrelevant updates for the sake of this.

8. Monitoring Backlinks And Spam Score

Regularly monitor your PBN sites backlink profile, which is linked to your money site and keep adding new high quality backlinks through link building. Check whether there are any broken or lost backlinks and maintain your site active by posting new quality content, which results in gaining more authority and trust for your site easily.

The spam score of your PBN network can also affect the links of your money site since both are linked. So it’s necessary to track your spam score, which ranges from 0 to 100. Level 0 indicates no spam found on your website, and an increase in level indicates the percentage increase of spam on your site. To track your spam score and get a report, go to Moz’s Open Site Explorer and insert your PBN website’s URL.


A powerful and fastest way to rank your websites on Google top page can be achieved by off-page SEO link-building techniques using a PBN. Remember, a strong PBN campaign means more powerful and effective backlinks with high link value are linked to your money site. So it’s important to make sure that your PBN network is built to produce the best results, which helps rank your money site higher in the google SERP. Maintaining and monitoring your private blog network and posting unique quality content regularly on both your money site and PBN site is necessary to attract more visitors. Following the 8 essential steps mentioned in this article which explains all requirements needed while building your own PBN network. Also, it will give excellent results in your website ranking and increase organic traffic, which will help you to step up in your niche among other competitors.