Growing the targeted audience is vital to succeed in your business. On the internet, your site’s traffic determines the progress of your niche. You can strengthen your business’s online presence and connections through link building. One of the effective link building techniques to promote your brand is guest blogging. It is a powerful tool to attract many customers to your website and increase its organic traffic. Also, you can gain more high-quality backlinks through guest posts service, which boosts your website’s google SERP ranking. 

The possibility of people clicking your site is high if it appears at the top of search results. The authority of your domain is also a significant ranking factor, and you need to gain the trust of both users and google to achieve it. Guest posts help you to build trust among your customers and search engines. In this article, let us see what guest blogging is. And what are the strategies to perform it effectively for Search engine optimization? 

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging, also known as Guest Posting, is the process of writing blogs or articles for other sites in order to obtain backlinks and create brand awareness. Some of the advantages of guest posting are:

  • You can build good relationships with peers in your industry.
  • Guest posts create awareness about your business among many people.
  • You can acquire good backlinks from high domain authority sites.
  • Chances of gaining new audiences from the guest blog site.
  • Guest blogs attract both organic and referral traffic to your site.
  • It boosts your website’s credibility in the google search engine.
  • Through the guest blogging approach, you can easily earn readers’ trust.

If a highly reliable website features your article on its site, the trust level of your site will also increase. Likewise, the incoming links from these authoritative sites will pass high link juice to your site. As a result, your website’s position on SERP will improve. Also, ensure the guest posting benefits both your site and the hosting blog site to increase its success rate. Your blog posts can act as content marketing for the hosting sites, which boosts their site’s online visibility. 

7 Key Tips For Guest Blogging Approach

You need powerful strategies for effective guest blogging to get the best results from it. Now let’s look at the essential steps required for guest posting.

1. Keep Your Goals In Mind

For successful guest blogging, you need to have a clear understanding of what you are going to do in this process. You must know your goals to plan the steps and approaches for guest posting. Common goals of guest blogging are:

  • To raise the number of audience to your site.
  • For developing SEO on your website by adding more quality backlinks.
  • To grow your company’s social media followers.
  • Showing your expertise in the niche to get more engagements.
  • For popularising your products or services to people on various platforms.

You have to frame your profile and the guest blog content by keeping these objectives in mind. This can reassure the blog hosting sites that you are a reliable source and helps you to earn the trust of new audiences. 

2. Find Appropriate Sites

In this step, you have to search and find websites that look for guest authors and accept guest blogging requests actively. While choosing the sites, ensure that they are relevant to your niche and meet your objectives of guest posting. 

Check your competitor’s site to see where they are guest blogging to find more websites that accept guest articles. You can detect these sites by subscribing to your competitor’s email letters and following them on social media. Also, using the SEMrush Domain analytics tool, you can find their linked sites. Enter the URL of your competitor’s website in the tool to get a report of their incoming links, referral sites and anchor texts. You can obtain more sites that are looking for guest content through this data.

You can search phrases like “guest blogs” or “guest posts” on social media like Facebook and Twitter to gain more guest blogging opportunities. Also, by searching a few strings on google, you can find your niche relevant sites to perform guest blogging. For example:

  • Keyword of your blog topic + “guest article”.
  • Keyword of your blog topic + “write for us”.

Another method is checking lists of niche-relevant sites that accept guest blogs. Many reliable websites upload these lists on their page, and you can pick the suitable top sites for guest blogging. 

How To Identify Quality Sites For Guest Blogging?

  • You need popular sites in your niche with a massive audience for guest blogging so that you can create brand awareness among many people. Go through the social media profile of the site to see its followers and activities. Check whether they have a good number of engaging audiences on their social media account. Also, verify their month-old activities to ensure that they actively promote the guest posts featured on their site. 
  • You need highly authoritative and quality sites for guest blogging to meet your targeted goals. While choosing the sites, you can calculate their value using various tools and software. To analyse a site’s domain authority, you can use Moz’s open site explorer feature. This tool lets you know the value of link juice provided by the hosting site and its online visibility. It also tells you the possible amount of traffic you can gain on your website by guest blogging on that site. The tool also provides the site’s domain authority score, enabling you to pick the ones with the high number for guest posting. 
  • Using Alexa, you can evaluate the site’s traffic over a period of time. Paste the URL of the site you want to check on the search box to get a report of its traffic metrics. Through this software, you can see the count and location of the audience you can gain from guest posting on that site. You can choose a website for guest blogging if its audience’s location matches your site’s targeted region. 
  • Websites have to provide proper credits and backlinks to your website at the end of guest posts. To ensure this, check the bio of authors whose content is already published on the hosting site. 
  • Verify whether the guest articles posted on the blog hosting website are similar to the topic of your content. The number of comments and social shares of the site is not necessary as long as it helps you to reach your targeted readers and objectives. 

3. Build A Connection With Website Owners

Most sites accept guest posts only from authors they know to avoid irrelevant and low-quality content. You need to form a good connection with the site owners to make them accept your guest blogging request. Follow them on social media to get a better understanding of the type of articles they post on their website. Check their updates and content consistently and read them to know the topics they value more and to see their most popular content among the audience. 

Subscribe to their email newsletters and give valuable responses to the emails. Engage with the site owners on their social media accounts and comment under the posts. Share the contents you like from their website and tag them while doing it. Don’t spam your site’s link in the comment section, and try to build a genuine connection with the site owners.

4. Pick A Convincing Topic

You need to find a perfect topic for your article to approach the sites for guest blogging. Already by analysing the targeted site, you know its most popular content. Now to make them accept your guest post request, you should write new content that has the potential to get popular among their audience. Also, you can write an article based on their popular topic with additional information that can add extra value to their site. 

Using the Buzzsumo tool, you can find popular content on a site which helps you to avoid choosing topics that already exist. The tool helps you create relevant content that can become popular on the site. Insert the targeted website’s URL in the search feature to see the most popular blog. Type the keyword of a topic to check whether it is the site’s widely shared topic. If that topic is not published on the site and is related to your niche, select it for guest blogging.

5. Create Your Pitch For Guest Blogging

You need high quality and relevant pitch for a successful guest posting technique. Try to make unique guest blogging pitches because most site owners reject the common ones. High-authority website owners get a lot of pitches for guest posting, and it takes more time for them to choose. Keep your pitch short and precise so prospects can understand the point immediately. As a consequence, the chances of them selecting your pitch will increase.

Include the website owner’s name in the pitch so that they can know you have done research before approaching them. Your request can get rejected if they feel you did not put any effort into guest blogging on their site. 

You can use the title of your article as an email subject line or secondary heading within the body to gain attention from the targeted site’s owner. Using headline tools, you can pick the best article title, as some owners may accept your request if they like it. Add a brief description of your guest blog in the pitch, and using bullet points can give additional benefits. Include points to prove that you have adequate qualifications and are perfectly suitable for writing this blog. Tell how your guest article can be helpful for their site’s audience to get approval from the owners. 

6. Write A Quality Article

The next step after your pitch approval is writing the guest blog. You must create excellent content related to your and the hosting site’s niche. 

  • Form An Impressive Headline:

Come up with unique and best headlines to attract more readers. You can include the following:

  • Action words.
  • Advantages for the audience.
  • Phrases with some emotions in your headline to make it look impressive. 
  • Keyword Research

Generally, website owners choose guest posts that are beneficial to their domain. They most likely approve if your article has the potential to rank at the top of google search results and bring more organic traffic to their site. Research and find keywords that can add more ranking value to your content and include them in the guest article. 

  • Include Contextual Links

While writing your article, include appropriate external and internal links to your website. The links of your site which are embedded within a blog or article are referred to as contextual links. Great content with contextual backlinks boosts your site’s authority and helps for SEO ranking. Some website owners may assign certain limits on inbound links. Check whether the site has any guidelines for linking and follow them if they have any. 

  • Add Images 

Some site owners prefer to include relevant images on guest blogs. Search and find images related to your topic and add them to convey key points to the readers in an easy way. 

  • Format The Guest Blogging

Align your blog similar to the content published on the targeted website. Observe the text formats like bold, capitalization, and subheadings used in the other site and edit your post according to them. Follow if there are any guidelines mentioned for formatting your article. 

7. Craft Effective Bio

Bio is the essential element in guest blogging as it is where you can place the links pointing to your site and internal sources. Offers provided by site owners for linking are:

  • A backlink to your site’s home page
  • An incoming link to your site and social media account
  • A link to any resource available on your site
  • Two backlinks for your website and social media page


Search engine optimization is a critical tool to step up your niche on the internet. Accumulating good backlinks in your site helps to increase its authority and credibility on search engines. Google’s algorithm considers incoming links as the primary ranking factor for a website. Thus you need to follow the effective link building strategies to gain more organic traffic by placing your site on top of Google SERP ranking. Guest blogging is crucial for obtaining both backlinks and traffic on your site. 

To increase the trust and link value of your domain, you need to do guest posting on high authoritative sites of your niche. Also, you must create good quality guest articles to get more opportunities in this technique. Write guest posts consistently to earn the audience’s trust and improve your site’s online presence. When guest blogging, you should be responsive and connect with your readers by responding to their comments under the post. Promote the guest post to your social media followers and email newsletter subscribers for attracting more readers to it. Consequently, the traffic on your website will improve, which lets you achieve the targeted goals.