The Internet has become a significant source of business, as most customers use them for buying products and getting required services. The chances of them choosing your brand depend on the position of your site on the web search page. Generally, sites on top of the SERP attract more visitors. Thus, increasing your website’s online visibility is vital for your business’s growth. You can improve your site’s visibility in google among other competitors through search engine optimization. SEO is considered the backbone of digital marketing technologies. 

Link building is one of the most influential off-page SEO strategies, as it helps to boost your website ranking in search engine pages. You need to choose authoritative and more reliable sites to build backlinks on your site for effective results. Link building can take a lot of time and work to find relevant sites. But with the help of specific authentic link-building tools and software, you can perform it quickly. 

Link Building Tools

The quality of the backlinks is the primary factor for a higher ranking of your website on google SERP. Link building tools help you to pick out and acquire the best quality backlinks from relevant sites of your niche. These tools are designed with specific features to obtain incoming links from various sources like tracking the links, keyword research and guest posting. You can customize your tactics using link-building tools to find relevant backlinks. Now let’s see some vital tools to step up on your niche.

#1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the leading and robust link building tool on the internet. It scans several websites and saves a lot of data on its index. The interface in Ahrefs is user-friendly and makes it very simple to access extensive data. Many latest features like rank tracking tools to explore different contents, and keyword research, are available in Ahrefs for optimizing your site. Using the link intersect tool, you can see your competitor’s backlink profile and pick sites which are not available in yours. This way, you can get some sites to outreach for link building on your website. 

#2. MOZ

MOZ is a highly beneficial tool available for search engine optimization. It provides critical insights to improve your site’s visibility on search engines among niche competitors. Moz contains distinct features to grow the website’s organic traffic and brings more customers to your business. It helps you to perform link building, keyword and competitor analysis. To raise the google SERP ranking, you need to build safe and strong SEO backlinks for your website. The spam score feature in Moz allows you to evaluate the value of links and shows the review for spammy and low-quality backlinks. 

You can find sites that are linked to your competitor site, but not in your backlink profile through the link intersect feature. Using the link explorer feature, you can see the websites of respective URLs linking to it. Also, this feature lets you examine and analyze your competitor’s link profile.

#3. Majestic SEO 

Majestic SEO is the preferable tool if you plan for budget-friendly link building. 

It provides advanced features to analyze various metrics in link building. You can use the Citation Flow feature to know the number of inbound links on your website. The Topical Trust Flow metric lets you see your website’s google ranking across distinct categories. Using the Trust Flow feature, you can calculate the quality of backlinks on a scale of 100. 

#4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo delivers you the service of both search engine optimization and content marketing. 

Posting excellent quality content on your website helps you to gain backlinks organically. Buzzsumo tool allows you to create share-worthy content on your site to attract other sites to link back to yours. As an additional feature, it keeps you updated about your brand mentions on blogs. You can reach the people who mentioned your campaign and ask them for backlinks through email. 

#5. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is the best link building tool which makes your outreach process trouble-free. Using Pitchbox search metrics, you can find reliable sites for link building and guest blogging for your website. It provides customizable email templates for reaching the sites to get backlinks. Pitchbox includes a simple UX to evaluate vital SEO metrics in the link building sites and also for sending scheduled emails to them. 

#6. Buzzstream

Reaching relevant sites for backlinks via email is an effective technique in link building. Buzzstream is specifically designed to manage your email outreach and get in-depth reports. Using this tool, you can diligently send emails to obtain backlinks from your niche-relevant sites. Buzzstream cuts the need to create worksheets and verify every email in your inbox. Manage various tasks by simply using its features to save your work and time. Based on your site’s requirements, you can personalize the features of Buzzstream. 


You need the contact information of your targeted sites to reach them for backlinks. is a helpful link building tool to hunt the contact details precisely. Upload the site on this tool to get its contact data within a few moments. You can use the email verifier feature to check the accuracy of obtained addresses. Since all the info is accumulated from various resources, it produces a successful result for your link building process. 

#8. HARO

HARO( Help a Reporter Out) is a well-known link building software which connects journalists and bloggers. Journalists use HARO to gain backlinks from high DA sites for their sites with an 80+ domain rating. You can get a free sign-up if you register as a source in HARO. In this tool, sign up at an authoritative website and choose your site’s niche. Then, daily you will get request emails related to your expertise niche. You can filter and choose the reliable one among the requests. 

#9. NinjaOutreach

Social media is a primary platform for sharing and advertising content among many people. NinjaOutreach is a go-to tool for acquiring great backlinks from your niche-relevant influencers. It contains a large data of influencers on various platforms. Thus you can find the best influencers in your niche for link building outreach. Through its social media metric feature, you can sort your results based on the influencer’s Facebook and Instagram followers. NinjaOutreach provides link building metrics like the number of inbound links, Domain Authority, and Page Authority. 

#10. JustReachOut

JustReachOut is a valuable tool for obtaining backlinks and brand mentions from reporters and journalists. It allows you to search and select relevant journalists for link building on your site and gives you an opportunity to popularize your website in the press. JustReachOut offers an extraordinary feature called source search to find sources from HARO, ProfNet and Twitter. Many digital marketers prefer this tool, as the interface is simple.

#11. Mailshake

Mailshake is the most time and work-efficient outreach platform for link building. It has features to send mass customized emails, and based on the interaction, you can also send follow-up emails. Mailshake offers templates for various purposes like content marketing, guest blogging, backlink requests, PR pitches, dead link building etc. 

#12. Link Prospector

You need good manual research to find more relevant sites for proper link building. Link Prospector is an efficient backlink searching tool for optimizing your website. The tool has several in-built search words, which makes it easy to choose relevant results. You can get a list of authoritative sites for quality link building by entering your niche-related keyword on Link Prospector.

#13. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one link building tool trusted by several businesses and marketers. It offers an SEO audit of your website and email outreach and finds relevant sites for gaining backlinks. SEMrush has impressive features to get your backlink profile analysis and thoroughly analyze your competitor’s website. It is a clever strategy to know the sites linking to your competitor and reach those sites for your site’s link building. 

#14. Linkody

Linkody is a user-friendly link building tool which is highly suitable for low-budget link building. It is enriched with features to track the quality of your inbound links. Using Linkody, you can check essential SEO metrics like Spam score, anchor text, Domain authority and PA of the backlinks and get a report on them. 

#15. Monitor Backlinks

You should regularly monitor your incoming links to find spammy ones and recover lost ones. Monitor Backlinks is a powerful software to keep track of the backlinks on your website. Also, using this tool, you can evaluate the website’s performance as it tracks your keywords ranking. Monitor Backlinks enables you to examine the inbound links and remove spam. The lost link checker feature will alert you whenever a backlink gets removed by the site owner. Contact the respective site’s owners for the lost backlinks and request them to link it again. 


Google considers backlinks a vote of confidence to assign a website’s value for search results. Your site’s credibility is based on the quality of inbound links in it. By obtaining cheap and best backlinks for SEO, you can drastically boost your site’s google result ranking. With the help of various tools and software, you can perform link building effectively. 

Link building tools offer you specified features to verify the standards of quality backlinks. These tools enable you to pick sites that are relevant to your niche and have high domain authority for link building. You can get assistance in gaining outreach opportunities. Link building tools shorten your work by scanning and listing the best web pages for requesting backlinks. The tools automate your work by managing the emails and monitors your inbound links. Many tools provide personalized features and pre-made email templates to simplify your work. You can choose suitable ones from the tools mentioned in the article to successfully reach your targeted prospects for link building.